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Muscle Contusion/Soft Tissue Damage

I’m 21 actively play Rugby/Football(soccer) at University standard. Anyway in training on friday (March 13th) I took the ball past another player in soccer who’s tackle was late and I rode over his knee. His knee struck me in the thigh and upon a check-up in hospital they informed me I had a grade 2 muscle contusion/ soft tissue damage.

The doc was foreign and said rest it for a week or two. I have an important game this sunday coming (march 22nd) and was hoping to get some more information about my injury. Would it be safe to play on ? I was on crutches over the weekend (which I was informed to use for 3-5 days), yet the pain is now gone and although I intend to use the crutches till wed - to ensure I have rested my leg properly, I do not NEED them to walk. Any advice/information would be much appreciated.