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Muscle Control



What do you think?


What do we think about what, exactly?


I’ve read a lot of books talking about the ‘old’ days of physique development, and you always hear the term ‘muscle control’ thrown about. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what it means -lol.



The book


I read most of it and it all seems pretty good, especially for posing and developing that mind-muscle connection. But the meaning is kinda vague lol


Yeah, because we just can’t have out-of-control muscles.



[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
Yeah, because we just can’t have out-of-control muscles.





Thank you for finding this book. I saw it years ago and shoulda but didn’t buy it.


Sandow reportedly could flex all the various muscles of his back separately, and had a pose where he did them in progression, starting with all the back muscles relaxed and then adding them one by one, hard flexed, till the entire pose was completed.

That indeed is unusual muscle control.


Thats ok man. If you check out the rest of the site it’s got heaps more books on old time strength training. Some of it’s shoddy, but alot of it applies to today’s training methods, with some cool new exercises in there.

Thats incredible! I was trying some of the exercises, and even the trap and lat isolations are hard, let alone flexing individual muscles in your back