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Muscle Clean and Push Press vs Bradford Press


Hey all, i have both of these exercises in my routine but the thing is, for one of these exercises i can do 6 sets and for the other 3 to fit into my routine. Which one do you recommend to do 6 sets for and which one for 3 sets?.
The goal is growth/aesthetics. Also which one of these hits the mid delt the best?


I prefer the Bradford press personally and mix up the reps/sets. I like doing it as the first exercise in a superset mostly.


Do 20 reps of each and see which one you feel the most in your medial delt, and it doesn't matter how many sets you do.

Use common sense.


3 sets, higher reps - bradford press.

Ramping sets to heavy weight (lower in reps, 3 would be good) - muscle SNATCH, not muscle clean, and push press. Koklyaev does these for a reason. I feel mid delt burning on both push press and muscle snatch (more on the muscle snatch).


But how is muscle snatch superior to muscle clean and press?. The muscle clean and press is safer and also you can use alot more weight and hence it being better for bodybuilding if i'm not wrong.