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Muscle Catabolism While Sleeping


Right now, I drink a protein shake mixed with a tablespoon of peanut butter before going to bed to prevent muscle catabolism while I sleep. Is this a good or bad idea and is this most likely helping or just throwing on fat? Also, any suggestions would be appreciated.


I’ve never bought into the whole “losing muscle while you sleep” idea. I feel that if I am lifting hard and eating right throughout the day, my body isn’t going to start breaking down muscle within a mere 8 - 10 hours (less, considering I have to first use up glycogen reserves in my liver, and fat is an “easier” source of fuel).

That being said, I DO eat right before I go to bed because I want to maximize anabolism… 8 - 10 hours without food in me is 8 - 10 hours my body won’t have the raw materials for growth.

I bust my ass in the gym and eat right throughout the day, why waste that final 1/3 by not giving my body the resources it wants? I also keep a shake by my bedside in the event I wake up midway through just to keep my belly stocked for the night.


Slower digesting casein is popular as a pre-bedtime food. See cottage cheese.

I’m not sure if the peanut butter does anything at night that it doesn’t do during the day, though.


I went to sleep this one time and woke up with out muscle. ZOMG!


You release most growth hormone whilst you are asleep, so as long as you eat something with protein you’ll be fine, you don’t just suddenly go catabolic once you sleep. There’s a reason sleep is the best thing for recovery.


Don’t sleep.


I wake up feeling refreshed when I have some protein & fat before bed. I noticed I get the best feeling from 2 oz Cheese rather than whey+fishoil


[quote]G87 wrote:
Don’t sleep.[/quote]

Sound advice.


Great post.


What the shit?

Stage IV Sleep is when you repair muscle. WHY THE FUCK would you be worried about catabolism?


[quote]Short Hoss wrote:
What the shit?

Stage IV Sleep is when you repair muscle. WHY THE FUCK would you be worried about catabolism?[/quote]

truth. but to repair muscle you need the raw materials.

personally, I have a cup of 2% cottage cheese, 1 scoop of chocolate Metabolic Drive, and 1 tbl of natty PB every night before bed. I mash it up and it tastes like reese’s pudding.