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Muscle Cars

Does anyone else notice there are not half as many old Muscle Cars on the road as there used to be. I owned a 69 GTO back some 10 years ago in high school and still held on it for a few years later. My question is this does anyone still love or own a old Muscle Car of the 60s and early 70s? The trend seems to be these rice burners. Sorry I still love the sound and look of the old Muscle cars.

Yes, and it sucks. I LOVE the GM muscle cars circa 1966-1972. My favorite is actually a sports car, a 1972 Corvette Stingray (which my girlfriend has the AUDACITY to refer to as “a boat”). But a close second would be a ’69 Chevelle. I miss cars with balls.

'70 RT Charger w/a 440 6 pack! Oooooo mama!

A Boss Mustang is the perfect car (302 or 429-doesn’t matter). Or maybe a Cougar Eliminator. Those would mop the floor with any GM/Mopar bucket o bolts. :slight_smile:

I have a '66 GTO, less than 10,000 original miles, 100% original, including the tires. Still smells new when you open the doors. Of course, if I drive it I devalue it so it’s not much fun. I’ll probably sell it soon. Anyone know of a service that places a value on classic cars? Or an auction house?

I absolutely love muscle cars!! My brother has a 72 Chevelle SS Convertible that I helped him restore over 12 years ago. He still enters it in shows when he has time. I love driving it when I visit him.

While I was in college, I was going to buy a 70 SS with a 396. However, with all my expenses, it wasn’t a wise choice at that time. Dammit, I should have bought it anyway.

Lately, I’ve had my eye on a couple cars I’ve seen locally. One is a 70 Roadrunner and the other is a 70 'Cuda. Both have 426 Hemi’s. However, I’m having a hard time trying to justify a purchase like this to my husband. I just can’t understand why “because I want it” is not a good enough reason for him. :wink:

It suck doesn’t it. I’m trying to get a hold of a 90 iroc but no one seems to want to sell theirs and i don’t trust getting them used at a dealership. I know it’s not that old but it is soon to be. My uncle had a late 60’s oldsmobile 442 on his lot cuz he’s a mechanic. He built a 455 for it and sold it for 4,000. The guy he sold it to repainted it and touched it up a little and now it’s worth 17’000. He just told me about this. I would have bought the fuckin thing!

I am a huge fan of the Amc AMX and the javelin, those are fricken pimp. Chevelles and Mach one mustangs are also on the top of my list. I don’t really like the old camaros, just 1982 through 1992. I really want a third gen camaro with a 350. Can’t find any good ones, only the RS’s with 305’s. TOO SLOW


Hey, the truth hurts! (It IS a land yacht!) :wink:

I hate rice burners too…They sound like electric shavers. I am partial to the '63 Corvette split window coupe. '70 Road Runner Super Bird, Hemi-Cuda…oh yes, the 1972 GTO convertible…a veritable boner on wheels.

Muscle cars are the best. They may get bad gas mileage, but who cares. Just starting up gives me the chills. I have a 1970 Pontiac LeMans. The GTO’s Brother. I got it in bad shape when I was 14. I spent an entire year restoring it. Most of it was actually original. I had the original wheels, decals, rokerpanels, molding, etc… The only thing that was not original was the motor. I dropped a nice little 350 in it crankin out a little over 400 horses. I still have it to this day. It is in the drive way covered up. One of the things that I love the most is all the crome. Especially those big bumpers. I recommend every mans first car be a muscle car.

Try the duPont Registry: http://www2.dupontregistry.com/

I have it on good authority that your car is worth 300.00 I will be happy to send you a check. Seriously, the wife and I are looking at a GTO as our next toy. We found a 68 in Richmond VA, restored, $8000.00 Not sure if this is a good price or not, but it gives you a frame of reference. BTW, if I had your car, I would drive it! What will you tell your friends, that you drove it to the store once a month to by more wax for it. Really, fuck the resale, enjoy the thing! You could be hit by a truck tomorrow.

Chris take a look here:

www.collectorcartraderonline.com/ adsearchprocess.html

Yeah, I love the old muscle cars from the sixties…I have a 66’ GTO with a 400ci and Tri-power. It is completely restored and I love it…

Cool now that spring in here, hopefully we will be seeing some of the old rods on the road. Watch speed vision and tnn, those channels have great coverage of hot rods and muscle cars.

MY father and I have been building a 67 Camaro SS, for the past two years, still need tons of work but I can’t wait to get it on the road. By the time we’re done, it may not be streetable, but that won’t stop me. We put a big block in it and are currently working on the rear. (He does all the real work, I’m a computer dork, but I’ll reap the benefits none the less.)

Wow I did not know that cars can burn rice now. I have no problem with muscle cars, but using racist terms for asian things sucks. No need for that. What next put us back into camps. Just needed to vent.

I love anything that has to do with muscle, and that includes Muscle Cars. I absolutely love the late 60’s early 70’s Corvettes. I am saving up for one right now (college payments are a bitch!) I probably should be part of the import racing generation, but I just love the rumble of a beefy V-8. By the way, if you ever put a Corvette next to a more modern car, it definitely is not a boat. My girlfriend has a '72 Stingray, and people are always cutting us off because the car is so low and small they look right over it. I love that car though!