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Muscle capacity

I have some larger than I’m used to injections comming up and to be safe I am wondering what the cc capacities of the common injection sites are (delt, quad, glute)?

Go with the Ventrogluteal site - you can put a maximum of 5 cc into this site at one time - although if you use both sites at once 3cc in each should be good. The rear glutes can take 3cc as well, The quads two cc, and the delts 1cc. These are practical amounts.
btw how are you progressing?

For me, the most I’ll go is 3ml in the glutes, 3ml in the quads, and 1.5ml in the delts, tris, and pecs. But I’m a little bigger than most (just hit 245 and single digit bf) so injection volume is more relevant to the muscle size of the individual.