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Muscle Capacity Training Every Day

One week, just out of curiosity, I exercised every muscle every day, but not the same exercises for those muscles (about one hour workouts). I found that my shoulders wore out first, then my chest muscles, but my back and leg muscles had enormous capacity as long as I rotated the exercises. I’m wondering if other people have had this experience.

Personally I suspect it says a lot about our evolutionary heritage that our back muscles have more endurance than our shoulder and chest muscles, but I digress.

So you haphazardly threw together an expirement, without accounting for many factors, and come to an evolutionary conclusion?

I have not found a way to overtrain the back. Normally, the elbows give out first. I have worked up to 100 chins a day on top of 4 days of lifting and 1 day of event work, and my back still recovered.

An elite powerlifter with a 900-lb geared bench helped me prepare for my first meet. He had me train my upper back during every single training session. Many other lifters squat heavy every day as well.


I have done hundreds (minimum of 300, sometimes as high as 1000+ if I was bored) of some back movement or another every day for the past two months, and I feel great.