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Muscle building

About to start the 2 week androsol cycle. Question for the experts?
If I want to build mass, I need to eat big, right? If however I am 15% b/f and I do not want to increase overall mass, will the androsol allow the building of muscle and the reduction of the fat at the same time. ie overall body weight does not change, but % does? Any comments please.Dan

If you loose some muscle while shredding down, you will loose less with androsol, will you retain or gain? unknown.

try not to use any aerobics to cut down, use GVT2k. circut training or something,

Myself and several buddies have tried this supliment. Without exception we would all use 1 word to describe it. AWSOME!!! Most of us made gains of 10lbs in 2 weeks. One of my buddies even went up 12lbs in 2 weeks. I ate calories equal to 20 times my body weight. I had to accept a certain amount of fat gain. If you were to keep you calories to about 15 to 16 times you body weight, you could probably gain lean muscle mass. Give it a try.