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Muscle building without the equipment?

Just like to say first, yes, I’m a newbie. I’ve read some of the articles - they’re great but I find they mostly require the use of supplements and/or gyms. Unfortunately for me I cannot get either of those things.
Is there a good substitute for either of these things for the routines like “one day arm cure”? Like, I dunno, an orange or something?

Fred, hello and go to renegadetraining.com for Coach Davies’ site. Or search for his articles here on T-Mag using his name as your “subject”. Also, he has a article here in the current issue of T-Mag (online).

The answers you seek lie within.

Supplements and Gyms??? The Renegade needs only Passion and Insight. You have the passion, the Legion can help you develope the insight. Do a couple of searches. Newbies especially do not need gyms and supplements if pointed in the right direction.