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Muscle Building Supps


CT - Of all the Biotest products, which 2 or 3 provide the greatest muscle-building potential when used together or even standalone? Looking for the best bang-for-buck purchases, but I can't quite tell if Surge Workout Fuel or Recovery or some other supp is best... thanks much.


The absolute best way to pile on muscle mass is to nail para-workout nutrition. My para-workout protocol is explained several times in this forum. But since Anaconda is not yet available the best supplements to invest in would be SURGE WORKOUT FUEL, SURGE RECOVERY and FINIBARS.

The way to use these 3 would be:

45 minutes before the workout: 1 Finibar (2 if you want max size and have the budget for it)
30 minutes before: 2 scoops WORKOUT FUEL
15 minutes before: 3-4 scoops RECOVERY
Midway through the workout: 1 FINIBAR

When Anaconda becomes available you add 2 scoops of it during the workout.


Do you not crash during the workout from taking all of that sugar?


CT, wow thank you for all the information you provide regarding paraworkout nutrition. I am very anxious to being to nail paraworkout nutrition with your latest protocol... However, I have an allergy to peanuts. Is there a substitute for Finibars or do you think T-Nation will ever release a Finibar that doesn't contain peanuts..


That's over 160 grams of carbs, due to the large dosage of carbs, would any of this be stored as fat? Any postworkout nutrition?


i beleive what research is suggesting these days is that its better to have your insulin spiked (big time) as you start your training now, as its sopposed to be more effective to build muscle.

PS...have the price of FINiBARS been lowered yet? or did that already happen? i heard they were about to be sold cheaper?


I'm going to give it a shot. I see a lot of concerns about the price of using this protocol, and I have the same problem.

I can't afford to use it all the time, but I plan to do a test run for about 4-6 weeks depending on how long the $200 worth of supplements last. If it works for me (as I expect) and was a good investment, I'll try using it on a temporary basis every couple months when I have the extra cash on hand.

I bet this protocol would sell a ton more product if a package deal is made available at even a moderately discounted cost for T-Nation members.


And of course thanks CT for your reply and suggestion.


I don't know if this will be CT approved or not, but I replace the pre Finibar with a scoop of SWF, and the during workout one with a scoop of Surge Recovery. It has worked very well for me so far. No crashes during, and I get a little amino dose from the recovery. It's not perfect but it beats anything else I have ever tried before hands down.


Yes, that's actually decent approach


Coach im investing in buying these supplements and using this para workout supplementation, but my question is if i use this para workout protocol i would also consume two scoops of whey in the morning, two during my workout, and two before bed... on top of my regular diet is this too much or is there a better way to go about my total daily supplementation and diet?