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Muscle-Building Plateau. Nutrition Advice Needed


Whats up fellas! First post…
21 years old 6ft 183lbs 10%bf
Here is my typical diet as of late.
530am: 1 cup oatmeal 2 whole bananas
730am: metrx protein bar 32g protein
9am: quarter pound chicken tenderloins on 100% whole wheat bread
1130-12: 2x quarter pound chicken tenderloins on 100% whole wheat bread
3pm: 1/3 pound lean turkey 100% whole wheat bread
7pm (Post Workout): Incredibulk protein 1200 calories, 250g carbs, 50g protein
830pm: 1lb steak 1cup vegetbales

Ive been consuming this same diet for roughly 2 months and have reached a muscle building plateau… Any advice would be appreciated
side note: I workout 6 days a week (Chest/Back&Shoulders/Legs/Arms/Cardio&Core(Morning)/Rest/Chest)


Chicken tenders? This is a process burger. Get a chicken breast or other protein.

Get rid of the bun and add real starch and veggies.

Get rid of the bar and again, add real protein.

Get on a real program. Start with 3 days a week full body with 2-3 days conditioning.

I’m 6’3", I look emancipated at your weight. Don’t know what your goals are, but adding 20lbs of weight would make you look like you lift.

If you are eating under 2500 calories, which is what I see up there, you will not grow.

How do you feel it is going?


If you didn’t say you’re not gaining muscle, I’d assume you were trying to cut up. Just three pieces of bread? Eat some rice, potatoes, etc.


I haven’t added up all the calories yet, but it’s over 2500… I’m naturally lean so my focus is adding on slabs of muscle. No disrespect, but I don’t know of any serious lifters/bodybuilders/powerlifters doing fullbody 3x a week. I’m gettin a good of amount of volume each body part and at least 2-3 days rest in between each muscle.


The chicken tenders have no preservatives they are raw natural chicken…


Yeah I’ve gained some muscle and kept my body fat low enough, but I’m trying to gain 20lbs of muscle or so. I’ll start throwing in veggies instead of bread. Any suggestions for what I should eat in the morning? I load up on carbs at this time, idk if this is good or bad as there is no protein really


You not knowing any, doesn’t make it true.

Chicken tenders weigh on average 1oz. We are not talking the same thing. What are you actually eating. Just so you know, I’ve been a chef for over 25 years. Yes, I know what a chicken tender is.

I did the calculation, you are under 2500 or you are not describing properly what you are eating.

You are eating less then 2500 calories, you are working out 6 times a week. You need a better plan to put on quality muscle. If you think 3x a week with 2-3 days conditioning isn’t going to do that, I don’t give a shit. It will, it has been proven that it does (read a few articles here if you need proof). Your diet is lacking. Not bad, but lacking if you want to reach your goal.


That’s not enough food for slabs of muscle. Not a whole lot of protein or fats, quite a bit of carbs. Not a lot of fruit or veggies either. Half your daily calories come from a shake… @JFG is right eat more real food.

I workout somewhat similar to you (days/week) and I find it a struggle to eat enough and I’m not trying to bulk.

Looks like you may need to take nutrition to another level. What you used to do may not be supporting your new muscle/goals. That’s okay, that’s how you learn and get better.


True, I’ve been liftin seriously for 4 years or so and I guess split workouts have yielded me the best results, but to each his own. I don’t feel my workouts are lacking I could post the workouts themselves if necessary. My diet is shit I just don’t know as much about nutrition as I do lifting. Could u give me a sample diet plan seeing as you got a lot more experience in that department??


You nutrition does not support your program.

Whole foods, start at 15x body weight for calories.

Minimum 1gr per lbs of body weight for protein.

20% from fat.

The rest in carbs. Mostly around your work out.

Make small adjustments if necessary.

Lots of articles here. Start educating yourself.


Exactly how much bodyweight have you gained in these two months? What did the scale say when you started and what does it say now?


Got more chicken n turns out I’ve been eating half pound chicken sandwiches instead of quarter… I started out at 179 and now I’m 183-184