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Muscle Building - Curcumin

Anyone heard any good results from Curcumin? Positively named “Turmeric” which is relatively a spice. It claims to build new muscle tissue faster regeneration, of new muscle. Without any side effects… Here is the link…


Any suggestions or opinions are welcome…


I wonder if there is anything to it?

Never for building muscle but if I’m not mistaken it can help out with blood pressure and is very good to take while on aas that can give you problems of that nature. BTW, it’s very cheap and is supposed to have a number of health benefits.

It’s essentially yellow curry.

Looks like it’s anti-alzheimer, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Anti-cancer too, although that seems to be controversial.

I could swear I recovered from a muscular injury much faster after using the stuff from the store. Don’t know about any muscle gains as I used it when recovering and didn’t use it for more than a week but the recovery from the injury sure impressed me.

Curcumin has a -1 on The Anabolic Index.

The reason why the magnitude is not greater is because of the low dose that we can tolerate.

For more info on The Anabolic Index: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1229717&pageNo=0


Thanks bro :slight_smile:

As a pre-workout drink, my Ayurvedic physician (like Deepak Chopra, natural medicine from India) recommends that I drink a glass of milk with sugar and turmeric. The turmeric causes the sugar to be processed more slowly in the liver, and therefore gives a sustained release of energy throughout the workout. It also reduces inflamation, preventing injury from the workout.

It’s also good for energy any time of the day, and prevents insulin spikes.

Turmeric stains almost anything it touches (although, for some reason, not your teeth.) If you get a stain from it, soak it in vinegar, rinse and wash normally.

Also, you should try to get organic turmeric. If you want to know why, just hold up a bag of normal turmeric next to organic turmeric. The organic is more orangey, while the normal stuff is pale yellow. It’s much stronger, and has higher curcumin levels.

Hey guy you ever check out USP labs they put out a few products that use ayuverdic (sp?) herbs. IMO they have some REAL solid products to say the least.

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