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Muscle Bound Test


I've heard others dispel the myth of being muscle bound, but I'm not so sure I agree. I think there is truth to it.

I am quite flexible (I can put my knuckles on the floor with straight legs when I am stretching my hamstrings for example), but I can't touch my elbows to each other in front me, I believe that is due to my pecs getting in the way. Recently I realized I can't touch my left hands fingers to my left shoulder, or vice versa on the right side (much like a time out signal) I believe this is mostly due to my biceps getting in the way.

Am I saying that I am muscle bound? To a degree, yes.

Anyone here in the same boat as me?


can you lick your elbow?


Is that you in the avatar pic?

If so, then I don't think you are "muscle bound".

Sounds like you just have poor joint mobility.


My flexibility is crap, but I imagine that's because I do zero stretching and mobility work.

Training at -30 was apparently bad for that as well, haha.


As long as you can reach your cock, as well as wipe your own ass, you're fine.


I wouldn't be surprised if there was some truth to being muscle bound in that if you never lifted you could be more flexible. Take 2 twins for example one who worked out and stretched a lot, another who did neither. At worst they might have the same flexibility, probably the muscular one who stretches would be more flexible. Now take the same guys both prioritizing mobility, the more muscular one will probably be at disadvantage.


Muscle mass doesn't cause lousy range of motion. Training heavy while not doing much mobility work, over time probably does.


Probably not. You ever see an olympic gymnast?


Just what I was thinking. One's flexibility and mobility are determined by the suppleness of the connective tissue in the joints, not the amount of skeletal muscle one has.

I think the OP just wanted us to all say "ya bro U must be hyuuuuge." :wink:


But it's okay.

EDIT: actually, I had clicked on the link because the title led me to believe that this thread was a discussion of a scientific study concerning the molecular bonding of testosterone in muscle trophism.

Boy, was I disappointed!


While that's seems to the the point of the thread, there are some poses that just just aren't possible. I doubt any big guy can do the eagle pose, no matter how flexible.


It is me in the pic from 5 years ago at 165. I'm 195 now, I'm just over 5' 6", and my arms are just under 18".


Oh boy, you're really going to love my response to your post above.
I bet I can do the poses in that picture you posted. I am flexible, but my biceps get in the way when I try to touch my shoulders as I described, and my pecs et in the way when I try to touch my elbows.

I have some decent size but there are plenty of guys out there that are bigger/thicker than me. I am surprised that I have these two "mobility" issues at my size and I am wondering if anyone else has the same issues.


If all of you can do the two things I described, that will make my day.




I suspect that Frank Zane could have. In his prime he wasn't what most would consider a "big guy": he was 5'9" and 200 pounds (which he shredded down to 185 in competition), but at very least his biceps were not "too big" to allow him to touch his shoulders.


Any idea what your body fat percentage is? This may be a relevant factor.


i can always count on roybot for a bitter reply...

Nope, yup, you're right dude. You caught me in a big lie.

I was at my parents house about 2 yrs ago and I was asked if I could do this, I tried it and couldn't, then I laughed about it.

Are you so skinny that you CAN touch your elbows in front of yourself?


About 12-13%

This really shouldn't be that hard to believe. I asked my friend if he could do these things and he said "fuck no"!

I was expecting similar responses since this is a bodybuilding/weightlifting website. I guess I made the mistake of posting this on the GAL forum, I guess people over here don't lift.

Sorry to anyone who has been offended.


Not offended, just amused.

Never actually encountered someone who was so fiercely proud of his inflexibility.

Outside of a church, that is.

I've lost a lot of weight cycling and trekking through Southeast Asia, but I can't remember a time when I was unable to touch my elbows together in front of me, or touch my shoulders with my fingertips. Even when I was pushing 90 kg a couple years ago (I'm about your height), at a similar BF%.

I used to be able to put my left arm behind my back, and my right arm behind my neck, and actually clasp fingers at mid-thoracic spine level, but I fear those days are gone. Not because I've become "muscle-bound", but because I've become forty-six, and the rotator cuffs are not what they used to be.

Anyway, I'm glad you are enjoying your limited range of motion. I hope it continues to bring you much happiness and satisfaction.