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muscle biopsy

Does anyone know how much a muscle biopsy runs at?

I think it’d be interesting to find out my muscle fiber make-up, if it’s affordable, if nothing else but pure curiosity.



If you’d go to your closest university and volunteer for a study (probably in the Kin department or something of that sort) you could probably get one done for free. On top of that you’d be helping with the science that we depend on to help us train and eat properly.

As a second point, with a muscle biopsy you will only find out your fibre composition in the particular muscle from which the biopsy comes. Typically the biopsy comes from the vastus muscle in your leg, your bicep, or your delt. I’m not aware of any labs that will do them for a fee.

Sounds like I’ll be paying Yale a visit.

Or perhaps I should stick to UCONN since Dr. Kraemer is the director of…Kinesiology? Bio Mechanics? I forget what he directs, but he directs, lol.

Or you can use any of the fiber ratio detection methods floating around the internet. Certain muscles are known to have more red than white fibers. The regular ratios vary from upper body to lower body, and sometimes in nearby muscles as well. There are many lifters who get all they can get from an overhead press in 5 reps and need 10 for pulldowns.

Director of Research. Professor in the Dept. of Kinesiology. There are a ton of opportunities to get in on research, and a lot of them pay very well.

Dont know about a muscle biopsy, but I had a different (much less painful) test done to determine fiber make-up. It was done on a 2-way Cybex machine that was hooked up to a computer. You had to do 50 leg extensions and 50 seated leg curls as hard and as fast as you can. The computer has a fixed resistance during all 50 reps. The computer then calculates the difference in force production between the first and last rep. I dont know the formulas exactly, but it was tough. Needless to say I found out I am 79% fast-twitch and 21% slow-twitch. I dont know how accurate this test was, but I would say that its not far off. I can sprint all day, but couldnt run a mile to save my life. I had this test done at the Exercise Physiology Lab when I was going to college. Hope that helps.

How do I get in on research and what does it entail eric?

That’d be awesome to do, barring soy force-feedings.


I’ll make you a deal; you lay off the hopelessly retarded posts, and I’ll get in touch with you whenever we need people of your profile in a study. I assume you’re near CT?

In fact, if you’re willing, they need former collegiate and high school sprinters right now. I’m not sure if this one pays, though.

you must sprint bloody slow if you cant run a mile in one day :stuck_out_tongue:

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