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Muscle Bellies


i'm not sure i've spelled it correctly but what's up with that long-short etc.some say if you have short it takes alot more time to build muscle?Also how do you get it if its short or long?


okay,calm down and tell us what you want to know.this isnt AIM or anything so you have to spell and say everything you want to know clearly.


itsd genetic largly like you bi for example if you have a long belly the muscle will be well longer, short it will be shorter and appear to have a bigger peak easier usually.

For the bi example bend your arm at 90% and stick finger between the joint and the muscle belly if you can get two then usually considered short, if One well longer and none extremely long.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Leverages, etc.. I remember there was an article here that covered this but cant think of which for the life of me,

Hope that helps,


Ultimately, it doesn't matter. You have what you have. Lift hard and eat right. And you'll grow.


thanks dude it helped a lot


wow, i think i got dumber by reading this post. why does my head hurt?


Wow, Phil speaks intardumbwebese. He managed to get the correct information into a similar literary style as the OP.



A muscle's potential diameter can be no greater than its length. A longer muscle simply has a greater capacity for volume. It has nothing to do with the rate at which you can build muslce; only the ultimate size you can achieve.

A longer muscle belly is not universally advantageous, however. A short calf muscle belly is advanteous for running because a longer achilles tendon can store more elastic energy, which is of greater importance than the amount of force produced by the associated muscles.


This may or may not help.