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Muscle and Fitness, WTF?????


Last night I was sitting on the throne dropping a duece. I was reading Muscles and fatness, Okay flame me, I fly alot and I need something to pass the time.

Anyways, As I was searching for a bullshit advertisement to wipe my ass with, I came across this gem on page 78 of the Feberuary issue.

I do not claim to be a fitness guru, but this exercise did not make sense to me. I understand the benefits of doing shoulder shrugs and I do them religously.

I have never heard of doing them on a bench, especially inclined.

I hope this is only a misprint, if not this explains why the general public who reads this crap is referred to as sheep.

To justify my rant I attempted this exercise last night. The only muscle that really had a work out was my abs, from sitting 155#'s on them while trying to shrug it.

I also tried it differently and placed the barbell behind my bench and attempting to shrug it while sitting on the bench with it inclined, and like the article says I tried it at various inclines.

This article should be retitled, How to injure yourself in one easy step.

This might be thier way to emphasis more people to work other means of traing into thier routine, like donut curls, or double whopper w/cheese crunches.

The need to keep thier writers on swiss balls and leave the real workout to people who have enough sense not to print this kind of bullshit.

I'm not the smartest man in the world, but don't you think one of thier fitness gurus would have caught this mistake.



For some reason the page will not copy,



I remember seeing that same exercise decades ago in magazines of the same origin.

They just get bored and have to cycle content.


here is the article,



I still buy the magazines occasionally. Even when I was a kid I never looked to them strictly for routine examples. I was getting whatever limited dietary info they had to offer and copmparing how different pro's trained. If I buy them now, it is just to follow certain athletes or gain any inspiration that I can. Most of them are largely ads, but they have been that way since the late 80's. It isn't anything new. That doesn't mean they are completely worthless. It means no one should be looking to them for "magic pills" or following someone else's routine word for word. That is all it means.

If anyone still reads the ads in those mags and actually believes even half of that stuff will make you look like the bodybuilder posing with it in the picture, you are still a beginner.


I get all of my information from here, but being stuck in a plane hours at a time it gets boring staring at the clouds. i agree the majority of the magazine is ads trying to hype the next big thing.

The article in general was a training hint for developing your traps. I just find it hard to believe someone with any type of training background would allow the content to make it to publishing.

It makes a reference to doing barbell shrugs while on an incline bench.

maybe I'm an idiot but this is not not physically possible with out resting the weight on your abs, and then again it serves more of a row than a shrug.

I cannot get the article to load, but I have it on jpg, and pdf. I looked it up on the internet site and it makes no reference to the article and picture that is actually in the magazine.


In Kelso's Shrug book. it shows tons of different shrugs. One is where you sit facing the incline bench and do shrugs it hits the traps at a different angle. They also talk about over head shrugs, dip shrugs, chest supported row shrugs.



If your stomach is facing the bench, I have seen pro bodybuilders train this way. It is possible and it does work for some. They are also at the peak of development so they are not just working on mass anymore. I prefer barbell shrugs or the Hammer Strength shrug machine. It is why mine are pretty big.

If it is the exercise I think it is, you lay on the incline with your chest on the bench. You hold the dumbells allowing you to be bent forward slightly while shrugging. It works your trps and some believe it works the "mid traps" better. I personally think that is a waste of time because if you can't get big traps from barbell or HS shrugs, you are a genetic wimp.


read the latest article... should give you an idea of whats going on.

Face down shrugs while retracting your scapula is a great exercise for strength and/or size. I prefer to use the chest supported t-bar row for this movement