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Muscle Anatomy Chart Wanted


Ive been reading Out of Kilter.
The thing is all the medical verbiage is really throwing me off.A lot of times I cant understand which muscle Ian
s talking about.

Can anyone provide me with a link where they have muscle charts with the names...


Try netterart.com. Frank Netter, MD has produced spectacular medical drawings, texts, charts, etc.


Damn, you beat me to it. But here is another one from U. of Washington great drawings, and goes more in depth on individual muscles than what I found in Netter's book, but contrary to Netter, there is no larger picture showing global anatomy. Enjoy







Thnx guys.
I`ll start going through this stuiff now..
Hopefully this will help me understand the Kilter Neanderthal artcles a bit better


These are the best I've seen. They isolate the muscles and bones.