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Muscle Adaption to SetsxReps?


on the bench press will it be enough to change from 3x8 to 3x10 for new adaptions to occur. ive done 3x8 for 5 weeks now and i got 160lbs for 8.


You may not see a difference, but that is one acceptable form of progression.


That is one way to progress.

Once you manage 3x10, up the weight and aim for 4x6, once you can do that with more weight, go to 3x8 again, and repeat.


How has your progression been with 3x8? If you have been able to add lbs to the bar consistently no reason to change things.


i went from 140lbs to 160lbs but i only got it for 1x8 and 2x7 this week


If it were me I'd adopt an acceptable range of reps, say 6-10 and try to push the lbs up in that range. It wouldn't make much sense to me to lighten the load to go for 10s when you are progressing 20 lbs in a little over a month for very similar reps.


Before I forget about this post I wanted to post numbers in a hypothetical scenario

Say you take your last set(since it will be the hardest) and it looks like this over time

195x6 etc etc

And you stall out sometime down the road at say 225x6 and a couple times in a row you can't add weight or add reps then pick a new exericse(not sure what bodypart you were referring to) but if it's flat bench press maybe go to incline presses or dumbbells or a HS machine and bring that one up in strength till you top out. Training like this will make you strong and not OCD adjusting everything you can every month like many beginning trainees. Write down your numbers each time and when you repeat an exercise do at least a little better everytime and those little betters will add up to a lot better come months-years down the road. Oh, and eat a lot of food or you won't see these increases.


Switching exercises at that point would be an option. But I think a better option for most is to back cycle and start building up the poundage again. In your hypothetical if the guy stalls out at 225x6, he can cycle back to 195 and start building up again. He'll blow through his old max.


For me I couldn't do that. The time it would take to ramp back up from 195 to 225(where I already was and what my muscle has seen) I could have been working to my strength limit on a new exercise with weights my body has never seen each time. But at that point(being stalled) any sort of change is going to be alright as long as it get's the lifter to stop getting 225x6 for a month(or longer) in a row freaking haha.

My basic point was to force the body to use ever increasing weights over time and that is the fashion I deem most appropriate(well the simplified way). Whatever someone thinks is going to double their lifts for reps is okey dokey in my books.