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Muscle Activation Exercises

I’ll post this here, since I’ve searched a little bit for info about anterior femoral glide syndrome but found more about APT than it. Who here has it, and what have you done to correct it. After months of working on the hammies, stretching the quads and hip flexors, and trying to hump the bar deadlifting, my left hip was still hurting in the front. My glutes were sore, but still ‘mis-firing’. I then tried leg adductions, glute bridges, and clams to no avail.

Then I found a post from BBB saying to lay face down, bend the knee 90 degrees to deactivate the hamstring, and lift the leg up toward the ceiling. My right glute fires like crazy, and my left feels paralyzed. My hamstrings take over as the prime mover in every activation exercise except for this. How long, on average, does it take to correct this problem.

I also seem to have the same problem in my left arm, where the long bicep head does not flex, and my left triceps are weak as shit. I contribute this to being in a sling for 7 weeks, but I still can’t get them to fire either. I’ll save this for another time, unless there is an easy solution.

Sorry for the long post, and BBB feel free to chime in.



Did you intend to post in the Beginner’s forum? I mean, if the answer isn’t ‘SQUATS N MILK’, you’re probably not going to find it here.