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Mursi tribe of Ethiopia

Im doing a report on the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia and I am having trouble finding information about them, particulary about their family life and education. Has anyone ever heard of these people?, they’re the people that wear lip plates if that helps. Does anyone know anything about them? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would do a search on the internet. Maybe use something like “beauty”, “ideals of beauty”, “culture and beauty”. I have seen many a report on these people - however these reports are mostly centered around different cultures and their beauty “ideal”. Just a thought.

Ah - you’re looking for information on the Mursi. Well, you’ve come to the right place - the forum on bodybuilding and T-man matters. Sorry - I’m just cracking up.

Anyhow, not just trying to be a smartass, I did a google search on Mursi and Ethiopia and came up with quite a list of articles and references. Ah - the magic of the internet...

i did a search on google… didn’t find what i wanted, which are details…

I thought it was the Ubanghi tribe that went around with plates in their lips?

the Mursi are nice people (ok some of them are jerks, but there mostly good natured). They lead an agrarian life style, raising cattle (their most prized possesion, cept for lip rings). They live in Africa.

I saw a thing on TLC about sex & stuff. This biologist said lips on a girls face are supposed to be like the other kind & that’s why red lipstick looks good. He said if big lips are good, then stretching them out with those huge plates to make them bigger is really good.

Yes, if you’re looking for all the details the internet is in most cases not the place to find scientific articles (unless you have a subscription and the articles are not too old). You’ll eventually have to go to a library. But the web can usually give you the references.

Anyhow, here's a link I found that was pretty much on the top of the list and that seems to have everything you need to get going: faculty.coloradomtn.edu/jeschofnig/mursi.htm There could be better sites around - I didn't really look.

And Freebie, no, they don't seem so friendly at all. They seem to be running around with AK47s and live on cow blood and milk. Talking 'bout high protein diet. Wonder if they all have kidney diseases...

a lot of times when I first meet someone I seem like a jerk. Then as people get to know me they come to love me as a 23 year old with a personality of a crusty old man. The same case with the Mursi, they are simply missundersood and thus seem like jerks. Yes they drink cow blood, yes they shoot people with their ak-47s, and yes they might be thinking about killing us all right now, but who are we to judge? are we perfect? do we not sometimes want to drink cow blood? With industrialization comes great stress, the Mursi once lived with harmony with nature and so forth, then the western world engroached (that must be a missspelling… damn I think I missleplled thatt oo dmamit) the Mursi will never be the same. Imagine you live in a nice peacefull african village, all of a sudden here comes the west with their tshirts, and all the women are no longer bouncing all over the place. I’d be pissed too.

So, you’re basically saying that I’m right - they are not friendly, drink milk and cow blood Now, do they have higher rates of kidney diseases from a high protein diet? :))) C’mon loosen up. I never mentioned they were jerks and I’m not much in favor of the common policy of ‘civilizing’ either. How political correct do we have to sound now?

Anyhow - you seem to know about the Mursi. Do you have some sources of information for J?