Murph Training Log

This is an attempt to keep me from program hopping and to make me hopefully more consistent.
The Murph workout is supposed to be done on Memorial Day, and since 90% of my training is at home with body weight anyway I figured I may as well try a month of prep for it, while logging my workouts on here.

Wish me luck lol

The plan I made looks something like this…

(Some sort of low volume push strength)
Then 15 rounds of
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 bw squats

Interval Runs
(200-400m runs x 6)

(Low volume leg strength movement)
10 rounds of
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 bw squats

Long slow run

4x10 pull-ups
4x20 push-ups
4x30 squats
(First 2 sets might be weighted)

Weekends off. The Monday and Wednesday workouts would go up in volume each week by five rounds respectively, and the third week might look slightly different as a mini de-load to the actual Murph


Great plan. Theres a super-human on these forums who ran a full Murph every day FOR 30 DAYS, @kleinhound may have some tips or at least inspiration for you!
If you find his log and scroll back to last year you’ll see it.

Have you done a murph, however painful and slow, just to get a baseline before this prep program?

If I learnt anything it’s how difficult it is get moving into the second mile after all those squats, might be worth considering doing like a

400m run every second round of those circuits or something

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No I haven’t done a baseline run through yet, prob should have but never got around to it.

Today’s workout I was with a friend and didn’t have access to a pull-up bar, so I modified it

10 rounds of
- 5 v-ups
- 10 push-ups
- 15 squats

-Then a half mile run to finish it off

@kleinhound was definitely right, running after the squats was way different than running before them haha

(Overall today was pretty light but I’ll pick it up as I go)

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Today’s workout:
6 x 100m walk - 300m run above mile pace
= 1.5 miles total

When I was playing soccer I could’ve aced this workout no sweat but now I’m a out of shape running-wise so there was definitely a lot of sweat aha

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Worked all day, only had time to workout around 11 pm, felt like crap so I figured I’d catch up on the pull-ups

Pullup waves, 5,6,7,8,9,10,5,6,7,8,9,10
About one min rest inbetween sets

Took about 16 minutes, nothing crazy just something for the sake of doing something

Welp graduation got me a little off track.

Went to a gym today with my friends so I took advantage of the weights

Incline bench press x 50
Squats x 50
High-to-Low Row machine x 50

Yesterday’s workout:

15 rounds of

5 pull-ups
10 pushups
15 squats

Finished in 17:52

Added in 3 sets of lateral raises and RDLs after the main workout


Yesterday’s workout:
Giant set
Archer pull-ups 3x8
Dips 3x12
Ab rollouts 3x5

HIIT 30 secs sprint, 1 minute rest x 5


This was an impromptu workout with a friend, so we’ll call it a “pullup strength day” lol

Deadlift, 3x5, 1x3
Lat pulldown 2x10, 1x drop set with static hold at the end for complete torture
Dumbbell rows 2x6
Bicep curls, 21s (7 top half reps, 7 bottom half reps, 7 full reps)

Next week I’m gonna do my best to get in two of the circuit workouts, one of them being weighted, and then the rest of the training will be running 2 miles


You’ll hit that murph soon at this rate. Can you do more than one run in a week?

I can, it’s less about me being able to and more about me just forgetting or being lazy lol. I guess for background I should say that I just graduated high school and am in good shape strength wise, and used to be in really good shape running wise. Ik I can complete the Murph but my goal is now to be able to do the Murph without stopping for big breaks or dying in the last mile.

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Aight well, went and did some martial arts and got unlucky with a knee strike so now I’ll be riding a bike for a few days rather than running haha.

My left knee got hit with the other guys knee and was just a weird incident, it’s nothing serious but I’m playing it safe. One thing writing this log has made me see more clearly is that my training plans pretty much always turn into more of a general idea rather than a strict regime. So a note for the future, schedule 3-4 training days rather than 6 that way I can take an off day when needed or move stuff around to fit it in

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Knee felt better already but still don’t want to use full ROM today

Workout: conditioning

1st minute -5 pull-ups & 5 dips
2nd minute - 4 single leg low box jumps, 5 KB swings
Repeat 16 minutes

Rower: 400m, 30 secs fast 30 secs slow

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More conditioning and squat work today

15 squats + 20 secs of whatever KB movement I could think of

20 minutes total

(It started out as just squats but 5 minutes in I was bored and knew I should do more so I threw the KB in, I have no clue what kind of exercise scheme that is but oh well haha it worked)

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