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Multivitamins Post-Workout?


So I know PWO your body is acting like a sponge, ready to absorb all sorts nutrients. Wouldn't this be the best time to take your multivitamin? I'm not sure if the whole "absorption" thing applies to vitamins and minerals as well as protein/carbs, but I thought I'd ask the experts.

Is this the best time to take it, or does it really not matter that much?


Well if the vitamin is time released i dont think it would matter.


I normally crack my multi in half and take half with breakfast (Pre workout meal) and the other half with my post workout meal. I use AST 32x pro.

Probably best to have it post workout on workout days for optimal absorbtion.


I always considered the morning the best time for the multi since it is indeed time released. Why bother complicating the PWO window with anything other than food and BCAA's?


I'm not sure of any studies regarding the issue but I take my multi post work out too.


I agree. Plus it depends on what vitamins you're taking. Some require taking 2 for a serving size. Which case you would be better off with one in the morning, and one in the evening.

Someone said they break theirs in half, most studies and vitamin companies say thats the worst thing to do. Unless its a liquid the nutrients are not split up evenly across the vitamin, you might get all your vitamin C's in one half, and all A's in the next. Considering the recommendatio is that you get a study stream of C's all day this wouldn't be good.

Considering the purpose of Vitamins I would think you should take it with a meal and before your workout rather than after. Vitamin C, E, and a few others are considered to be antioxidants which reduces free radical build up as its occuring. If you wait until after your workout you already created a large amount of free radicals. Vitamin E is dissolved primarily in fat, so a protein, carb, and water shake would make it hard to get absorbed, and vitamin C is supposedly excreted within hours.

Then you have to take into account research hasn't determined if a Multi does anything, so in the end does it even matter when you take it?


If you eat oatmeal post workout it's not a good idea. The soluble fiber will prevent some of the vitamins from being absorbed.


I would concentrate on getting high glycemic carbs and protein/amino acids (Surge/BCAA's) around training as others have said. Get your vitamins from supps and food throughout the rest of the day.



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I take mine at night. I was once told that since the body absorbes more while your sleeping that would be the best time to take it. I do notice a difference in how I feel when I don't take it at night.