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What multivitamin does everyone use?..I am looking for a geeked out multivitamin in terms of a)vitamin and mineral profile (incl. how much of each vit. mineral), additional ingredients such as insulin sensitizers, antioxidants etc.)and b)price.
Right now i am prettty standard with the One-A-Day Active
but i did see something decent by Universal Nutrition.
As WSTRNR would say: Lets discuss what multivitamin everyone uses.

I read an artical I belive on Ian kings website that rated multi vitamins and the highest rated was Usana Essentials I was using Dr. Whitaker but these are less expensive and were much higher rated check out:


I have just started taking them so I can't say yet how good they are.


Since I should start taking a Multi Vi/Mineral - I’ve been looking into either AST Laboraties’ Multi-Pro 32X or EAS’ Multi Blend Vitamin. Or I may just go back to Costco and get that Kirkland multi-vi/mineral. I actually useto use that and found it okay. Anyone have thoughts on EAS or AST? curious, and I will read that article on multi’s.