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Multivitamin! What's Yours?

Since I just wrote this and it didn’t get posted I’m doing it shorter.

Again I’m looking at what others are doing to achieve a better nutrition plan for myself. Hey, it helps everyone though right?

I’m looking for the perfect multivitamin. Animal Pak being top selling and #1 rated everywhere I look. I decided to try it.

These pills are huge! They have got to be horse pills! their are a ton of them too. They need to be taken twice a day on training days as well.

I have no problem swallowing large pills, but man that’s alot of large pills!

Every other multivitamin I looked at would require me taking double to reach the nutritional value of Animal Pak. Requiring me to spend twice the amount of money.

Besides a B complex that I had to buy, Animal Pak has everything.

What’s your multivitamin? Does it compare?