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Multivitamin & Supplement Question while on Clomid

I want to optimize my supplementation while on Clomid. I’m 27, currently on just 12.5 mg clomid EOD and have been on clomid for about 8 months; my supplements are only as follows:

-Orange triad multivitamin
-fish oil
-L-arginine, sometimes with pycnogenol thrown in
-b complex
-magnesium at night
-curcumin/turmeric occasionally for joint pain flare ups

I need a new multivitamin first and foremost. Orange triad is great, but it wrecks my stomach, causing bad bloating and stomach pains all day long. I even halved the dosage and split it up with meals, still not helping. I bought RAW ONE for men but noticed it doesn’t have iodine in it which worries me…

I want to avoid a multivitamin like Animal Pak that has insane amounts of B6 - I’d like to keep that under 30 -50 mg/day if possible because I’m prone to nerve problems with high B6 doses. I would like to keep zinc around 15 mg if possible, i am prone to low e2 problems (joint pain especially)

I have a few Q’s though… what should I be looking for in my multivitamin? I want something specifically geared toward very active men.

Should I be avoiding saw palmetto? what about these vitamins with things like ginseng, ginkgo, other male performance add-ons?

I do like the way NOW ADAM multi looks but concerned over what I’ve heard about saw palmetto causing sexual dysfunction issues.

What do yall think?

I don’t know anything about Clomid … but just for comparison, this is the multi I take.

B6 is 30; zinc is over your limit at 25.

Do you like that multi? Seems abnormally low priced considering all that’s in there. Although things like orange triad and Animal Pak are prob just way overpriced

I do like it … and have been taking it for a long time. Puritan Pride offers some good specials on buying in quantity.

Can I PROVE it is better than others? No. But I looked at the ingredients between it and other “branded” multis, and couldn’t see where it was deficient.

I buy 5 Two-month bottles for $50.38. Just FYI.

Puritans is owned by NBTY with 3billion in sales.

Good to know! Thanks for the info, sounds like a pretty good deal