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Multivitamin questions?

Is there truth to Multivitamins causing harm with toxicity or with not getting the right amounts? (I know about too much iron is bad…)

For example… you need a certain of amout of vitamins “X” to make sure that Vitamin “Y” is processed correctly. Or too much/ too little of vitamin “Z” will only hurt you? I am confused on this?

Is there a reliable source to find out what the body needs and how the vitamin doses should be dispensed?


The problem really comes with taking Mega doses of SINGLE vitamins (the “more-is- better” syndrome).

Research has shown that when this happens, anti-oxidants become PRO- oxidants.

Two good sources for additional information are:

1)www.lef.org and

2) Dr. Colgan’s Site (a search should yield the URL…couldn’t find it as I was typing!)

Hope this helps!

In addition to Mufasa’s links, I am quite sure Berardi and Lowery had an article in T-Mag a while back about this. Can’t remember the name though.

I put links to them on my webpage. Scroll down to the nutrition part.


Except for C and B which are water soluble…Vitamins A,D,E,K can be stored and have toxic limits. There are Limits known as LOAEL,Lowest Observed Adverse Limits…Doses above these can be toxic

Mufasa, on point for the most part, but what about Dr. Linus Pauling? The “godfather” of C. He took several grams daily and yet lived a hearty 80 somewhat years, and won himself not one, but 2 Nobel prizes. I’ve read about the pro ox potential, but I take it with a grain of salt for now.


Defining the reasons for longevity is a VERY tricky thing…(George Burns lived to almost 100 smoking cigars and drinking martinis…!)

Pauling was (is?)an amazing “rebel” scientist…I think that he would accept the evidence to BALANCE the C with other Vitamins…

Pauling died in 1994 at the age of 93…


Pauling took pure ascorbic acid,there is a slight difference between that and Vit C

Pauling died from cancer at 94, pro-oxidant nature of vitamin c perhaps>??