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Multivitamin Brands


I have been using the Super Nutrition Opti Pack with Iron for years. Is anybody familiar with it? If so what do you think? I am just wondering which multivitamin/mineral all of my fellow T guys take. I just want to be taking the best option available (I wish Biotest made one).


If you read this, which one do you like? Thanks.


Animal Pak.

5 days on, 2 days off. Very potent stuff


i use the opti pack from super nutrition...have for years....i really believe i don't get sick because of it...


Andrew Lessman's multi-vitamin is best around as far as purity, potency, and quality.


I take a multi from Nutraceutical Sciences (NSI). They have a bunch of different formulations that might work for you if you are thinking of switching.


I've scoped every formula I can find and Source Naturals Life Force seems to have it all. I'd say 95% of the formulas I looked at were either deficeint in folic acid and zinc or you had to take 6 or more caps to get the recommended amount. 2 Life Force caps/day gives you everything you need.


For a general multi-vitamin/mineral, all anybody needs is a chewable childrens. Break it in half, take half with breakfast and half with dinner.

If you want extra of a specific vitamin or mineral, supplement that separately.


I currently use NOW Adam, but have been looking closely at the LEF.org Life Extension Mix.


For basic multivitamin, I've always liked good old Centrum. I them supplement this supplement with specific other vitamins/minerals/oils/wholefoodsups depending upon my activities and what I think my body will be needing.