Multivitamin-Bill Phillips!

Back when MM2000 was still cool, Bill Phillips said that taking two multivitamins in the morning and then taking two at night time would help cover any deficiencies. So for the last five years I’ve been doing that. I’ve been taking the Costco brand (Kirkland) multivitamins. I have never gotten sick doing this. Being a weightlifter and mountainbiker I want to make sure I’m getting all the vitamins and minerals I need. Is this too much? I don’t know how strong Kirlands standards are but the below nutrition facts could be just ball-park fugures. Here is a link to the list of what they contain. All feedback welcomed.

they really don’t look that potent. And if you’ve been taking them for 5 years now and still okay, I’m sure it’s fine. Although I don’t know what the long term effects of that would be on the major organs,especially the liver. Vit. A & D and the two that can turn toxic. Do a search on ‘vitamins’ in the engine…I just read an article the other day but can’t recall the name. oo7

If your worried about Kirklands standards, don’t be. I believe that product is compared to Centrum. Basically it is Centrum. It’s the same exact active ingredients. The only thing that may be different is the inactive ingredients. This would depend on who the supplier of the raw materials are, and wouldn’t matter in the potency of the product. So if you would feel comfortable taking Centrum, then you should feel the same about the Kirkland brand. Just so you know, the pharmaceutical company that supplies Centrum, most likely supplies Kirkland, BJ’s, Kmart, Walmart etc. All the same vitamin, different bottle and box. Also different price depending on who sells it.

Two things against Centrum and its clones: first, they are coated tablets as opposed to capsules so they won’t always dissolve properly for all individuals. I prefer something in a gelatin-based capsule that I know is breaking down as it’s supposed to as opposed to getting flushed down the can. Second, if you are taking 4 of them per day, you are getting 72mg of iron. That’s a bit high. I’ve read that excessive supplemental iron is not a good idea for men (especially if you are over 30). Don’t have the research at hand but it had something to do with excessive iron’s relation to cardiac health. I’m sure someone on board will be able to elaborate. I think it would be better to take a multi with little or no supplemental iron if you are a man and want to take more than one dose. Women don’t seem to have this problem since they lose a lot of iron each month during menustration.

I have a quesion about multivitamins, everyone says you should take one but what makes a good multi? Especially when comparing brands - is there something in particular too look for or are they all the same?

Oh my GOD all of your replies are all Mainstream answers and are far from the truth.
THis is the Lowdown if you want a copy of the paper I wrote on it I will fax it to you.
YOU NEED 91 Essential Nutrients every day
WHY Essential? Because your body cannot make them! 60 Minerals (trace and others) 16 Vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 3 Fatty acids.
I’ll Start with Vitamins
CHeaper is not better! All are rock derived and are only 8-12% absorbable. Farmers and Vets are not dumb enough to give a cow something and have 90% come out in the manure.
so in the 1940’s they came out with Chelated Vitamins and minerals and that attaches an amino acid and increases the absorbtion to about 40% and the ony way to get it more available than that is to eat right. But good luck finding enough food with enough vitamins to last an active person. Which is why we supplement.
Fatty acids are a no brainer get flax seed oil caplets.
Protien is also a no brainer Get Grow!or advanced protien
The next is Minerals they are the most underestimated thing in the world today.
Most are derived from rocks next best is chelated. But the good news is thier is a Plant derived Colloidal mineral supplement. I wish I could find it they are awesome. Many poeple say they have colloidal but the have to be derived from plants. Not sea beds or clays etc.

I will give every reader on this sight a million dollars if they can find me a plant that manufactures a mineral! In the 1929 senate document #64 they already admit that the soils are depleted. So that is why minerals are important they are missing you cannot get them in your diet they are not in the soil in the first place!
So to answer your question Kirkland is not chelated i don’t think and they are not capsules and they do not have 91 nutrients in them. Your only absorbing 8-12 percent anyways so take them all you want. Your pissing out your money!
Proof of what I just wrote about is in the book
“DEAD Doctors Don’t Lie” By Dr. Joel Wallach
Have a nice day

Ok so what mulitvitamen would you recommend taking? IE: brand, dosages, ect?

Oh, and I forgot to mention that all the vitamins and minerals in the world won’t help you unless you are protecting yourself from the light and electromagnetic wave pollution. I suggest crafting a cap made from everyday aluminum foil and wearing it when you are exposed to natural sunlight or flourescent light indoors. This simple step can increase absorption of minerals by 60%. I’ll fax you the evidence if anyone is interested.

(1)as an adult male you do not want any iron in your supplements (yours has it). The body has no way to get rid of excess iron, and excess iron has been linked to heart disease. If you are an adult male and iron deficient, you have a problem and need to see a doctor (2) Twinlab daily one or daily two without iron is a good multi. Why? Besides having a decent amount of B vitamins (i.e. more or less a “B-25”), it has trace minerals which have added benefits e.g. zinc (wound healing and immune function), chromium (insulin sensitivity), and selenium (important anti-oxidant). Additional vitamin c would be beneficial also e.g. 500 mg of ascorbate form c twivce a day.


OK, I wrote the first reply when I was drunk.
So pardon the grammar. The second reply was not me it was a person signing up under my name talking about aluminum foil hats.
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