Multivit for women

I did a search and didn’t find quite what I was looking for: T-Vixens, what multivitamin do you use? As you know, we have certain iron requirements that the T-Men don’t. Plus, for me there is the PMS factor. I’ve been taking Vita PMS (aka ProCycle PMS and Optivite), but I’m not 100 percent satisfied with it. Not dissatisfied mind you, just not satisfied.
Any suggestions?

AST Laboratories and EAS both produce a multi that I haven’t tried. I completely forgot what I useto take. I am considering the AST Lab brand, though. I normally just take a Vitamin C and B. Nothing more - and just make sure I’m eating enough food.

Never had probs with PMS (maybe cuz that's my initials?) - never. Always been a "here now, gone tomorrow" type of thing with me. I guess in that respect, Ko's a lucky guy ;-)

I don’t really take a multi either, just iron supps. I do take evening primrose oil, however. Someone once told me that it’s supposed to be helpful for “woman things”. I never really had a problem with PMS either, so I don’t know whether it helps that, but it’s supposed to help with cramps and stuff if taken regularly.

I just take a Centrum than contains iron and additional Vitamin C. Like Patricia and GM, I don’t have a problem with PMS.

Thanks ladies. And guys, feel free to weigh in if you have anecdotal info from the women in your lives or have seen (or performed) research on the issue.

Try Beverly International women’s multi.

I’m still taking a prescription prenate (10 mth old). I also take MSM, Vit C, Grapeseed Extract (helps with shedding cycles in hair), Evening Primrose oil (skin, hair, nail dryness brittleness), Biotin (hair growth), Iron, especially during my cycle), Viactive chewable Calcium supplememt (Moccahcino, mmm). I just added some B-6, Zinc, and Magnesium to the mix to mimc the ZMA that I coudln’t afford from Biotest.

A lot of these vitamins I have been taking for the past 10 months, since I had my baby. During the pregnancy, I couldn’t keep the vites down, and it really drained me, Hair skin and nails suffered madly for it.

Thanks brassmonkey, I looked on their Web site to see the breakdown of their vits. Look promising (but a damn lotta pills!).
On a related subject: Can anybody tell me why vitamin makers insist on mixing calcium and magnesium when they compete for receptors? I don’t know if I should supplement my magnesium separately, or what.