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Multiply without Monolift


Anyone here train in multiply gear without a monolift? I have one when Im home but im going to school (State College if anyone knows a powerlifting gym up there) so Im losing the monolift for the semester. I can do band work, box squats, etc but Im going to be walking out the weights and am going to have to narrow my stance in.

So, im planning on using my looser Metal Pros primarily instead of my Metal Jacks but Ive never squatted in gear that narrow, curious if theres a big change or if it eliminates the purpose all together.


why not just train raw, with plenty of top-end work?
or you could do this with a power rack.


Or buy a mono-rack?


If he's going to Penn state buying a monorack is a no go . He won't have the room or cannot if he's using school facilities .

In shamokin dam near selinsgrove there is s gym with a monorack .

I have one but I'm about 120 miles away . If you're half nuts you can drive down Saturday mornings and I can help you. I normally lift 11 am. But labor day is out for a wedding, 9/10,Iowa game, and Nebraska game for football games.

Pm me if you need any info.


I am currently training multi with a mono; however, I just started using gear so I am in the learning phase where I don't have max weights on my back. I am guessing once I start working heavy before my meet I will set it up like the vid on the pins.


I'm guessing you've never used multi ply gear before?


Someone doesnt have a clue bout gear...

I train single ply and have to walk it out, I know it is not as tight as multi, but it can be done, just very carefully.


If he's lifting wide stance with a multiply suit it would be hard to walk it out with his normal technique. I won't train wih a multi ply bench shirt without three spotters or example. As for squat suits, well, see the first sentence. He'd have to change technique.

Which he might have to do anyway due to his circumstances.