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Multiply Lifting and My Inevitable Death



It was ok, lol thanks though. I’ve got a lot to work on to get better.


ME Upper

Floor press
Worked up to 275 for a single. Felt a bit off, I’ve been fighting off some mild strep throat since Sunday night apparently.

CG bench + 4 chains 3x8 185

Ez curl incline skull crushers 4 x 10 heavy ez bar + 40lbs

Rolling tricep extensions 4 x 10 35lbs

100 tricep pressdowns 30, 20, 15,10,10,15

3 x 30 laying banded pull aparts with 30s iso hold at end.


DE Lower

Cambered bar box squat slightly higher than normal
8x2 + 8 chains 50%
These moved pretty well

DE pulls

55% + 8 chains
These were good, had some very solid pulls that felt stupid easy.

Did some belt squat good mornings working up to a heavy set of 10, like 5 plates per side or something i don’t know

Single leg 45 degree hypers 3x15 each leg.
These don’t require weight for me normally as i’m able to maximally contract and fire my glutes/hamstrings at once with body weight and really squeeze the life out of them

reverse hyper 5 x 10-12 4 plates with the devil attachment

6x15 hanging abs


DE Upper

Speed bench, switching back to straight bar + 4 chains
6x3 50%

Felt pretty good, could tell triceps were gunky.

CG 2 board x 6 reps + 4 chains
Worked up to 205, felt decently ok with triceps

Incline DB bench
Starting at 40lbs, working up 5# to 60s, did 2 sets with the 60s

Chest supported DB row
4x10 50s

Lat pull down 4 x 15

110lbs, really squeezed the shit out of these today, felt some solid lat contractions

3x30 face pulls

Then had an hour massage and a 2 hour nap.


ME Lower

Squat up to 660, reverse band 700, reverse band 750
Suit straps down
straps up
600 wraps
660 wraps
700 reverse mini
750 reverse mosnter mini

SSB yoke bar good morning against monster mini
150 x 8, probably could of gone up but these were hard and taxing, so why bother?

Leg press 4x12
400 2 x 12
490 2 x 12

Reverse hyper 3 x 20 115
Out of energy

Decline situp abs against band. 3x15


It’s my personal belief the day after a squat day should always be a day off from work. Change my mind.


I can’t, but your boss might be able to.


My boss(es) are lifters. They understand, haha


Not sure if you’ve mentioned this before, but where do you work?


I haven’t I’m a system administrator for a 102 year old company.

The age isn’t to state anything about how well it’s run, other than to say it’s old as fuuuu


If you work the next day, you get to brag about your workout right away.


Lol, true enough


When there is over 700lbs on the bar, I agree.


Naaaa no time off just stumble around like a peg legged pirate :pirate_flag: on the high seas and work the blood through those legs.


ME Upper
Bar x 10ish
95 x 5
135 x 3
185 x 1
225 x 1
320 x 2 air board
350 x 1 air board
375 3 x 1 work on touching, touched last 2
395 x 1 off the 1 board
395 x 1 touching

Pin press work up to heavy set of 6 255

Incline Tate press 4 x 10 30lbs

DB skull crushers 4 x 10 30lbs

100 CG push ups

4x20 rear delts

3x15 hammer curls


DE Lower
Speed squats 40% +8 chains 12x2 on the SSB to a soft box. These felt pretty good.

Speed pulls 65% 8x1 nearly passed out on the first rep, my belt was angled up and that just didn’t work well. Next 7 were fine. Did 1 extra single with straps up to see how that was going to feel, got down easy enough.

Back extension off GHR + 45lb plate behind head 4 x10

GHR 4x10 bw

100 leg curls 55lbs

weighted deadbugs 20lb kb


DE Upper
Speed bench + 4 chains around 40%
Felt pretty good honestly, not as fast as I’d like but were good

1 board bench up to a heavy set of 6
Worked up to 230 with no wrist wraps honestly could of squeezed out another 10lbs, felt strong today

DB bench
60 2x10
70 4x10

These felt really good, pecs weren’t bothering me

Wide grip pull downs 200 3x6

Meadows rows 3 x 10 75lbs

80lb mag grip stretchers

3x25 face pulls

3x15 db curls


ME lower… lol just kidding it’s a RAW deload day.

SSB yoke bar 3x5 at 290 then 1 x5 at 330

Reverse Lunges 3x15 30lb each hand

GHR 3x8 25lbs, 3x8 35lbs

Reverse Hyper 5x20 with 140

2x10 straight leg barbell situps 65lbs then 2x10 weighted dead bugs with 30lbs

This morning I feel a bit sore from the squats lol, go figure. RAW, blah.


Is that a common strategy for equipped lifters to use when deloading?


Depends on the person and where they are in their training really. Conjugate at it’s base already has “Deloads” built in.

I’m 6 weeks out currently and just need a break from the gear before this final push next week to prep for the meet.