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Multiply Lifting and My Inevitable Death


ME Lower

Heavy Yoke Bar + 8 chains
2 plates
3 plates
4 plates

These were shit. My head wasn’t in the game and I didn’t have the strength tonight.

SSB Yoke bar good mornings 3x10
1 plate, kept them fairly light but moving as solid reps instead of turning every one into a single like I normally do.

Leg press 600 for a set of 10
Went 200, 400, 600 x10

Step ups with 20lbs per hand 3x10

Reverse Hyper 3 x20 180lbs
super set with 3x10-15 banded straight leg situps


Great work, we all get that feeling of being out of it but just come back next time with a vengeance

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That’s the plan… ( don’t say it, don’t say it ) … stan.

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ME Upper

Finally touched after a few weeks of frustration.
Bar x 5 + 4 chains
135 x 5
185 x 2
2 board
225 x 1
Shirt 315 x 1
355 x 1
375 x 1 touch with chains

Took the chains off
375 x1
385 2 x 1
405 x 1

All touched, all felt great.

CG Pin press with double monster minis
135 4 x8
Pins right above chest

SSB JM Press
25 + 10 per side

Tate presses 4 x10
30 2x10
35 2x10

Rolling tricep extension x 100 reps
20lbs for 20-30 reps each set.

Front delt raise 5 x 12 superset with rear delt cable flye 5x20


Yesterday my back started to lock up on me. Going to see if I can do some hard core stretching during lunch today and get loosened up before DE lower and ME pulls tonight.


Just seeing your experience from the Arnold now. Man, that sounds like an awesome experience. I would have been too chicken shit to even approach Dave or any of the other elite lifters, but very cool that you got to work with them, chat with them, and help clean up his puke! haha

Nice work bouncing back from being sick too.


Dave’s just a guy. ( I can say that now after knowing him for 7 years lol )

Though my friends wife saw him at the Arnold and asked him “Are you Dave Tate” and Dave replies “Did you really just ask if I’m Dave Tate?” and she says “I don’t know powerlifting, anyhow will you take a picture holding my baby for my husband?”

Also - I didn’t clean anything, I just waddled around to find the bucket haha.


That’s awesome. My mother-in-law ran into Mr. T while she was holding her daughter (my sister-in-law) as an infant. She asked him to hold her baby while she took a picture of him, lol. Made for a pretty epic photo.

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DE Lower ME Pulls

Cambered bar speed squats 12x2 + 8 chains 40%

ME Pulls 2 mat deficit + 8 chains
495 fail x2 ( video is the first attempt )

I could not lock these out for the life of me, fun grinding though and no the video isn’t paused. lol

GHR 4 x 10
100 rep laying leg curls
( 60lbs sets of 3 x 30, and a set of 20 )
Ab Pulldowns


Saturday I got a massage and I’m still feeling it today, going to do DE upper later today.


DE Upper

Fat bar bench + double minis 40%
10 x 3

Fat bar + double minis + 2 board hard set of 8
Worked up to 200 if I’m doing my math about the bar correctly. Pretty good up until rep 6, started to get sloppy so I shut it down after 8 and didn’t try going up any.

Arnold press 3 x 15 ( 30 lbs )

Chest supported row 5 x 10 50lbs using the angled handles for more lat instead of upper back

Straight arm lat pulldown with 2s contraction hold, 5x12

150 face pulls


ME Lower

Comp Squats
Ace briefs
Suit straps down
Straps up
630 ( last warmup give or take )
Wraps + reverse mini band
670 ( opener ish )

Nice light day, my last warmup was more than my opener from novemeber, so hopefully that’s a good sign.

8 weeks out.

Just did some bodyweight front foot elevated reverse lunges 3 x10
GHR 3 x10 with some med ball,no idea the weight
reverse hyper 3x15 super duper strict reps 4 plates

Lower back was feeling beat up still from Saturday’s massage, skipped out on abs.


ME Upper

Shoulder saver bench, worked up to 300 x 1 for a 15# pr, probably could of got 305-310 but instead failed 315, lol

Reverse light band bench, 275 3x6 ( about 50lbs off the bottom and 0 at lockout )

Neutral grip DB floor press
50 3x10, 60 3 x10, 70 2x10

Skull crushers 3 x 8, heavy ez curl bar + 40

100 rep over head DB tricep extensions 30lbs 1 x 40, 1 x 40, 1 x 20

Super set banded micro mini lateral flyes 3 x pump with reverse pec deck 3 x 20


Pls confirm


This is amazing. Haha


last couple sessions looked strong


DE Lower

Cambered bar box squats + 8 chains
These all felt like pure dog shit. Fairly speedy, but painful.

DE deads 60% + 8 chains
8 singles, all felt really good, had some super speed reps, constantly trying to emulate that feel.
It’s hard to explain,but when you know, you know.

Lateral lunges 3 x 10 30lb KB… these hurt

GHR back extensions vs monster minis 3 x max

100 rep pull throughs 50lbs
100 banded abs


DE Upper from Saturday

Speed bench axel against doubled mini bands… it wasn’t really speed at all, felt like absolute crap. My triceps were spent from Wednesday still and knotted up really good.

Was supposed to work up to a 2 board for a set of 6, but skipped it

DB Bench 3 x 10
I honestly don’t remember what I did. I know it involved working up to the 75s since it was loose and I had to go tighten it up before I could use it.

Meadows Rows 3 x 8
Worked up to 75lbs

Chest Supported Row 4 x 10
Worked up to 60lbs

Mag Grip pulldowns 4 x 10

Chest supported rear delts,3x20 with 10lbs


ME Lower

Worked up to 560x2 + 8 chains then 600 x1 8 chains

Had some major hip shift on the 600 and shut it down after 1 rep.

Did 3 x 10 Bulg split squats, then went home. My erectors were locked up and I was toast.

Went to chiro this morning… feel so much better.


Now that is a serious squat mate, great work!