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Multiply Lifting and My Inevitable Death



It’s always worth it.


Titan Super Centurion briefs go pretty well and wont break the bank. I liked mine. Only suit I’ve used is an old Marathon deadlift suit that was loose AF. Didn’t find they made a massive difference to start with.

Bench in a shirt is very, very different to raw. I think I’d need maybe three months to get even vaguely accustomed to it, way longer to get anything out of the shirt.


Sick all week, then left Thursday for the Arnold.

Spent thursday in the car driving feeling mostly like shit. Slept terribly.

Friday did the Elite XPC day, helped first 4 flights of squats get warmed up, loading, spotting and helping folks. Then don’t remember the rest of the day since I felt like shit. Got tired of being there and left to go train at EliteFTS.

Ran Dave Tate through his squat work out… hopefully he eventually posts about it ( though we didn’t do video, because there was just 4 of us ).

Basically he’s an insane genius. Also he puked. I ran around looking for his puke bucket because people had cleaned the gym so Meadows could do some filming with Ivana… anyhow in my briefs, waddling the fuck around, good times.

Just did some light 3 plate squats at like 3 x 3 or 4x3 wasn’t really counting. Lily was doing sets of 5 at like 70% or something so I was mostly helping her and Dave.

Then I went to do block pulls, 585 for 3, dropped the height down then did 2 singles at 585 again.

2x8 GHR and went home.

Ohh and Friday I met @JonathanByrd officially, he’s an alright dude.

Saturday after more shitty sleep but feeling better.

During warmups I ran the mono for Donnie and JP and a bunch of other dudes ( including the guy who ended up beating JP, don’t know his name, sorry ) along with loading, what ever else.

I spent the entire day at the XPC helping Jo Jordan out as his main handlers had to help someone in the flight before him, so that meant I was helping mostly during his warmups since they were not around.

It was a rough start after his last warmup squat, he missed his opener, then with Dave Tate’s advice we did some tricky shit and put him in a new suit that we cut the seams off of. Then he got his opener on his 3rd attempt ( we passed the 2nd to give us time ). Then he went 6/6 the rest of the day.

Didn’t get to watch as much of the lifting but I like being in the warmup room actively helping anyhow. It’s more enjoyable honestly.

Good weekend, too short and too long all at the same time.


Get well man.


Thanks, I’m feeling much better now. Just need a solid night of sleep and some proper nutrition.


Sounds like a great experience. I’m jealous


I would be proud of that day.


Back to training… ish.

ME Squat plus chains, competition stance

Ace briefs
150 + 8 chains
Add Suit straps down
Straps up
600 fail
600 a bit high

Weight was down today after traveling all weekend, the stress plus being sick from last week hit me pretty hard tonight.

3x10 bulgarian split squats, fast paced, minimal rest, no weight added
4x10 GHR back extensions with 25lb behind head
4x Max rep GHR
2x Max knee raises ( 20,17 )


What’s a bit high for equipped lifting look like lol


Raw or equipped it’s a damn fine squat mate :+1:

I bought a loosish squat suit and Bench shirt about 6 years ago when I was 115kg, with intentions of giving geared lifting a crack, only used them a couple of times, then change of career etc with minimal lifting happened for a few years.
I dug them out of the cupboard, now at 105kg I can slip them straight on like a tightish pair of jeans, haha.


Still a strong session keep it up and byrd is a gem!!


If they fit then you HAVE to use them!


Haha, I bet there would be zero carryover, I can slip the suit on like a pair of pants in about 10 seconds. I’ll wear it straps down next squat session for shits and giggles


ME Upper

Single breath triples ( very hard to do when still slightly congested, turned into 2 breaths ( 2 reps, breath, 1 rep ) up to 405 which was pretty easy.

Jump to 445 2x1
First one was decent, not much pop off the chest
Second one got more pop off the chest but was far slower overall

Pin press around a 2 board height
245 4x3

Medium and normal shirt grips

Skull crushers
heavy EZ curl bar + 50lbs 3x10

Incline tate press 4 x 10 30lbs

100 rep single arm tricep press downs alternating arms at failure until 100.
30lbs for 25,15,10,10,10,10,8,5,5,5

Superset front raise 3x15, lateral raise 3x15, rear delts 3x20


Nice work. Good volume in there too…on triceps and delts


great work Cors keep it going


DE Lower

Speed box squats with 8 chains on duffalo bar

3 plates 8x2

Speed deadlifts + 8 chains
3 plates 12 singles.
The majority of these felt super snappy

SSB Good mornings 3x8

3x15 with 30 per hand
2x15 with 50 per hand

Reverse Hyper 5 x20 with 140 added

Wall press abs 4x15 per leg


DE Upper

Axel bar Speed bench + 4 chains
Something like bar, 25, 10

CG Axel bar spoto press + 4 chains
Worked up to bar, plate, and a ten x 6 reps

DB incline press
35lbs 3x 12
45 1 x 12
50 1 x 12

Chest supported tbar row machine 4x10 with 60lbs added

Suppinated Mag Grip pull downs 4x10 with like 90lbs, was focusing on keeping my ribs down each time, was honestly pretty terrible

Meadows row elbow high and out 3 sets of max reps 25lbs


MAG grip is sick. I dunno where it’s made or how you get it but I ended up using one for a bit at a gym in a large country town.


We ordered the set from EliteFTS