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Multiply Lifting and My Inevitable Death



1 hour massage today hitting my traps, glutes, left calf, right triceps and pecs.

Felt terrible and amazing.


Make sure to stretch the extensors. Best thing is interlock your fingers with your wife’s, then have her bend your fingers backwards and apart.


Wut happened to hook grip


Still working on it but I’m not comfortable with it on ME attempts, and my right hand is the hardest to set.

After yesterday’s massage I confirmed some issues I’ve noticed in the past when having massages, my right pinky is tied up in my tricep. So I need to pay special attention and get that taken care of.

I’m not too worried though, it’ll get worked out over the next few weeks. Just need to make sure I’ve good chalk down at my meet and maybe some super glue :wink:


Strong Deadlifts, keep up the work!!!


How do you deal with internal pressure under heavy weight? Like feeling like you are gonna pop under a 600+ squat. Do you release some air during the push…

Or is it something you just adjust to?


I don’t release any during the push if I can help it.

Basically you adjust to the discomfort… somewhat. Every time you get stronger, it gets harder, but that just means the old numbers become easier. Well relatively, lol


ME Lower

Well wasn’t really an ME day. Did some medium squats with straps down on the duffalo bar.
Suit straps down
505 3 x 3
555 1 x 3

Front squats was supposed to do 4x8 with the SSB it was I use so I thought, why not cambered bar? Well I’ll tell you why not, it’s too large, doesn’t sit in the shelf and just crushes your front delts.

2x8 with 205 on the cambered bar and a pause in the hole.
Decided to do 2x8 on a regular bar just to finish it off, 185 ( with pauses ), could of gone heavier but my delts were sore as shit from the sets before. Just imagine a really bad front squat rack position, but now with a fat bar.

Leg press 4x 100 plates 3x12 probably could of gone heavier but I was just trying to knock it out with as little rest as possible.

3x20 DB stiff leg deadlifts
Started with the 30s, on the last set my hamstrings got warmed and decided to let me go heavier
3x20 with 30
2x20 with 50

Seated monster mini band abduction 3x20

Suitcase carries for abs, added 50lbs to the farmers handles and did 3 quick trips down and back the gym alternating hands. Probably a bit too light but I really wanted to offset my obliques and felt this worked well.


Why the multiple singles?

Guessing it moved well and was in that 90% range and got in some extra work


I don’t do reps x sets.

I list sets times reps :slight_smile:


ME Upper

Well repetition day I guess.

Cambered bar bench press x 5
Worked up to 245x5, it got “kind of hard” so I added 10lbs and grabbed a spotter, got 2 and decided to rack it, was way harder than it should of been… blah.

Backed off to 215 and did 3 x8

CG 3 board
255 3x5

My forearms were screaming by this point, but the fun was just beginning.

EZ bar incline JM press 70lbs on the bar ( no idea what this bar weights, I always forget, we have a heavy and a light one ) 3x10

CG pushups to a shoulder saver 4xmax reps ( 20,15,16,15 )

100 tate presses leaned back over the GHR used the 20s here

Tried some duffin upright rows with a 25lb KB but I used a band instead of a strap, this was dumb and I nearly broke my balls a few times. 3x15

Cable Face pulls but used a monster mini through the loop instead of a rope, 3x I duno, pump? 30lbs


DE lower

12x2 speed squats at 40% with 25% in chains ( based off old max from last meet )

12x1 speed pulls at 50% with 25% in chains
Hook gripped all of these, they felt really good tonight, thinking i found a new way for me to setup with hook grip that i can try next week on my heavy triples.

SSB good mornings
3x8 with 155
2x8 with 205

These didn’t feel great tonight, my glutes were super tight and hamstrings as well. Was supposed to be with chains attached but I didn’t feel like messing with it.

Probably need to figure out a way to get some good morning volume in when i’m more “fresh” i guess and see where my numbers are so i can compare my GM to my geared squat.

Step ups 3 x 10, I honestly skipped these and will do them tomorrow.

Reverse hyper I used the devil attachment and added a plate at a time until it felt right. Worked up to 7 plates total for 2 x 10

Banded deadbugs 3x10


Good good let the hook grip flow through you


Hell of a strong session…Keep grinding


Woke up Sunday in the middle of the night with flu like symptoms. I’ve been doing nothing but pissing, drinking, and napping for 2 days now. Feeling better, hopefully this doens’t interfere with my heavy deadlifts friday night.

Probably not going to squat this week, may not even bench depending on how I feel.

Traveling to Columbus OH Thursday for the Arnold, so hopefully i’m all better by then.


Hypothetically speaking, if someone were to start playing around with some geared lifting, what would your recommended gear be? A pair of single ply briefs and a bench shirt? Any particular brand/type/style? Would briefs and a SlingShot be a good start? All this conjugate work has piqued my interest in geared lifting.


I’d do metal m style single ply shirt for sure.

Super easy to learn.

For briefs you could grab single ply of something as well


I appreciate the reply, not sure if I’m ready to drop ~$400 on gear yet. I was hoping the answer would be an Inzer Power Pant and an Inzer Blast/Denim Shirt lol, since that would get me into the game for ~$100. But rather not waste money on them, if they aren’t something I’d get much out of.


I’ve never used those so I can’t comment. Honestly once you go dark side… You never go raw. Haha.

If that’s the cheaper option give it a try.


@littlesleeper I knew it. I knew you would switch over. :joy:

Confession I want to try it too. But I’m so weak it’s not worth it…yet.