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Multiply Lifting and My Inevitable Death



So my gym ( NBS Fitness in Memphis if you’re in the area and want to train ) is building out a recovery room.

Massage chair, stim unit, hot/cold compress, recovery pumps for legs/arms, ultrasound unit, and so on.

I demoed the chair yesterday after my shift for about 30 minutes… weee.


Where’s the nap pods though


Lol, good question


DE Upper

Was pressed for time and honestly it’s a heavy training week ahead to get ready for meet prep mode ( 14 weeks out currently )

Speed bench swiss bar + double mini bands 40% 10x3
Did the outer and middle grips, not the close grip.

Close grip swiss bar + double mini bands hard set of 10
Basically ended back up at my speed bench weight.

incline DB press 3x15-20
Did the 35s for

Hopefully next week i can increase that.

Mag grip cable rows Started at 80
100 x 15
140x8-10 ( lost count )
160 x 7
180 x 6

Minimal breaks between.

150 band pull aparts and peaced out.

Got some cupping done on my quads, almost wish right now i would of done my triceps as well.


ME Lower

Squats work up to heavy single RPE 9
Loose briefs
Two Plates
Three plates
Metal Ace Briefs
4 plates
5 plates
Add Ace Suit straps down
5 and a quarter
add wraps
6 plates
Straps up
6 plus a quarter
7 plates
7 plus 2 10s

That’s 730 pounds using the 60lb bar. Work sets were 690 and 730.

Belt Squats box squat style work up to a hard 5
1 plate, 2 plates, 3 plates, you get the picture, up to 5 plates per side

Leg press 100 + 1 plate per side 3 x 15, 100 + 2 plates per side 2x 15

Abs and done.

Long night, squats felt good, could work depth a bit better on that 730 but FYFM it’s a PR. Technically they both were. Also my shirt says “It’s easier to squat deep than it is to squat heavy”


As expected I feel like honey doodoo this morning.

Upper back, calves, obliques ( need to add some loaded carries in it seems ), then just quad tightness but that’s always a given for me.

Today’s recovery will be walking on an incline, some light stretching and some body tempering.


Are you wearing two sets of briefs or changing them out from the bigger to the tighter pair?


Switching them out.

I’m taking a page from Brian Hill’s playbook and wearing my briefs on all my sets so figured i’d put the loose briefs to good use.


Yep! When I am in meet prep I start in an old single ply after 1 plate. So yeah, I do something very similar.


ME Upper

Worked on trying to touch.

Bar 3 x 5
95 3 x 5
135 1 x 3, 1 x 1
185 x 1
225 x 1
275 air boards
405, about a 2 board
435 about a 1 board
455 about a 1 board

5x1 at 85%
385 nearly touched the last set

Played around with how far I twist the arms. Decided I’m going back to ground level and doing straight arms in and higher collar. I’m not quite ready for super jacking the shirt AND touching. Maybe when my arms can handle 500+

The extra 10lbs of training weight has made things better in some departments and worse in others.

Kept rest periods short the rest of the night
Close Grip Bench
135 x 5
185 x 5
205 3 x 5

Neutral Grip DB floor press 3 x20

Rolling Tricep Extensions
30lbs 5x10
35lbs 3x10

150 over head rope extensions 40lbs

3x25 arnold press 20lbs

5x20 seated rear delt flyes


Some serious lifting here mate, 330kg squat is freaking awesome!


Thanks, I’m trying.


DE Lower
Speed squats cambered bar + 8 chains 40% or so

ME Deadlifts

Loose briefs ( though im getting fatter so they aren’t so loose anymore, lol just not as strong as my ace )

Add Suit straps down
Straps up
585 really easy, didn’t put too much effort into it
615, flew up off the ground then slipped right out of my hand at lockout
615 questionably locked out
635 miss, out of position and just not strong enough.

My grip wasn’t strong enough but I’ve got a plan to fix it ( mostly revolves around massages to unfuck myself )

SSB good mornings 3x5 at 205

Standing Hamstring curls 3x12 25lbs
GHR with 10lbs behind the head 3x5 ( drop the weight and do 3-5 more )

Ab fall outs on rings

I’ll post videos later today.


Great Work, and a lot of weight lifted!!!


Elaborate please.

My hands and forearms sometimes get super pumped from work and all I’ve found to help is icing them if it gets really bad.


Video of deads


I’m going to schedule a weekly massage for my pecs and lats while continue to hammer them on my own in between.

My forearms are always jacked up due to my pecs and lats being so tight.


Go figure. I stretch both pecs and lats plenty. I think for me it’ll just be a long period of adjustment and then my hands will catch up. They’re definitely better than six months ago.


It’s funny, it’s never my right hand that goes, I always peel my left open on my leg.

Still working on hook grip, just don’t quite have my right hand set how it should be. Work in progress.

Also I’ll probably do some grip specific shit after this meet along with a specific arms program. I need to grow these forearms and triceps. The blonde that runs the mono and holds my boards in my videos has arms only 1.5 inch smaller than mine. sigh


My left goes from holding workpieces together to fix, my right goes from the drill and driver. That or moving boards for long periods. Last Monday I cut big arse boards all day and then had to wrap my knees. Both hands kept clawing up while I ate dinner.