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Multiply Lifting and My Inevitable Death



ME lower

Reverse band squats, started the night with triples, ended with a single PR because Jo Jordan didn’t text me back quick enough to talk me out of it, lol

My warmup hoopla and RPR

Duffalo bar reverse minis
loose briefs
145 x 5
235 x 3
325 x 3
metal ace briefs and reverse band minis
415 x 3
505 x 3
555 x 3
585 x 3
635 x3
685 x 2 belt placement was off and i wasn’t bracing hard enough to support a 3rd rep
straps up because no one told me no and gator does what gator wants!
715 x 1 depth wasn’t where i like it but for just randomly throwing my straps up i’ll take it.

Also this is a PR, last time i did 710 was right before my last meet in wraps and reverse monster minis.

Probably going to do a raw variation next week on squats just to pump the breaks again and then turn back loose.

Cambered bar good mornings to box squats 3 x8
bar x 5
bar + 45 x 10
bar +45,25 x 5
bar + 90 3 x8

belt squats plus 1 short strong band top set of 10, feet narrow, front of platform
plate x 10 up to 6 plates per side

reverse hyper 3x20 180 apparently was supposed to be 3 x 30 but i can’t read by this point in the night

banded dead bugs 2 x 10 per leg


Some days I get sorely tempted to see if the Marathon suit I inherited still fits and what it would do. Then I remember Greg would disown me if I did.




Yesterdays recovery was a massage. Then bourbon and watching Punisher season 2.


ME Upper

2 board + 2 chains 3,2,1
Bar x 10
95 x 10
135 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 3
315 x 3
365 x 3
395 x 3
415 x 2
430 x 1 plus 2 chains per side

Chains were setup differently on the 2 board from the last time I did this. This time I ensured the chains would fully deload when I touch and mostly load at the top. I also used a different bench from normal. This bench is 1) higher off the ground but 2) distance from the pad to the bar is less than what I’m used to.

This required a bit of a heavier hand out that we weren’t able to quite nail down tonight ( no ones fault just a fact ) and me to try and tuck further back.

On the set of 415 you can see the 2nd rep the bar rolls back due to the bench block, which I’ve said before I really don’t like using in my shirt for this reason. Overall a solid night considering my arms feel like absolute shit.

The massage from yesterday kicked up some inflammation a bit but I’ll do some flossing in the morning and afternoon tomorrow to alleviate it.

CG 2 board bench plus doubled minis

135 x 8
155 3 x8
DB neutral grip floor press
50x 20
65 2 x 15
70 3 x 12

Some weird mag grip tricep extension bobby showed me tonight, i’ll video it next week.

70s 3 x 20

Chain skull crushers 100 total reps

Arnold press superset with bent over rear flyes

3x15 arnold 20s
3x15 rear delts 10s

3x20 15lb DB hammer curls


Solid benching. I am not a fan of the bench block for the same reason. It works with limited training partners, but I much rather have a board holder.


Thanks, Lones Green actually posted about it just last night as well.


DE Lower

10x2 Speed squats 45% + average band 295

ME Deadlifts 425 x 2 + average bands, I felt like shit pulling this

SSB Good mornings against doubled monster minis 130 x 6

Cable Pull throughs 100 reps

I shut it down here and went home and slept for 11 hours


DE Upper from yesterday

Elgordo speed bench 45% + doubled monster minis 8 x 3

Elgordo CG floor press hard set of 8 with 80 in chains
70 x 8
120 x 8
160 x 8
180 x 8

DB Shoulder press 3 x 15-20
I wont like, this sucked yesterday I had no strength on them.
25 x 15
35 x 15
35 x 20
35 x 16

Wide grip pull ups using weighted assistance cause I suck

3 x 6

Low cable row but using elbows high and straight 4 x 10
80 x 15
110 2 x 10
130 4 x 10

Dante Row abomination butcher thing
3 x I don’t know, just squeezing and feeling the lats

Prone Shrugs on chest supported row 3 x 5 2s squeeze 90lbs

150 band pull aparts in bench press position


ME Lower

Taking a reload week

Put on my loose briefs and did 355 SSB for 3x3

Cambered bar good morning to squat 295 4x6
155 x 6
245 x 6
295 4 x 6

GHR 4 x 10

Leg extension 5x20 85lbs

Single arm straight leg sit ups 3 x10 each arm 20lbs

Short and sweet today, hopefully i’ll recover a ton this week and kick some ass next week.


Saw Aquaman last night for recovery. Mera got my heart rate up, that counts right?

Fun fact, this is my hand.



ME Upper reload day

Elgordo Axel bar 3x3 with 235 I think.

Elgordo spoto press 205 4x 5 2s count hold off chest

Elgordo JM press bar +10lbs for 8. These hurt me, I much prefer the SSB but I was lazy tonight and didn’t want to change benches or bars.

DB decline skull crushers 3 x15


150 banded tricep pressdowns

DB front raise 3 x20 ( 15lbs ) superset with chest supported rear delts 3x20 1wlbs


DE Lower

Speed squats 50% into gray bands 8x2 330
Speed pulls 75% 8x1 465

GHR band extensions against mini band 3x20
Reverse hyper 4x25 115
Lat pulldown abs 3 x cramp

Easy day mostly, those squats were heavy as shit though. Lots of band tension.


DE Upper

Axel bar speed bench 50% into doubled minis
Axel bar floor press +80 in chains max set of 6

DB Shoulder press 3 x 15-20
First week i got 20 on all reps
35s 20,20,20

Neutral grip pullups 3x8

DB chest supported rows 4 x 12

Lat pulldown
80x 12
110 x 12

Scap pullups
2x8 2count hold

3x50 banded mini face pulls


ME Lower

Duffalo bar plus 8 chains.

Worked up to 645 for a single.
loose briefs
145 x 5 + chains
235 x 3
325 x 1
metal ace briefs
415 x 1
465 x 1
Suit straps down
505 x 1
595 x 1
645 x 1 Yep this was my max for the day lol

Leg press work up to heavy set of 10
Plate up to 6 plates per side and an extra 100 per side.

Reverse hyper with the devil attachment
3x15 180

Pull down abs 2 x cramp, 1 x slow negative straight back to stretch the hamstrings/hipflexors

Probably of had a supplemental after squats but ohh well


If you have a reverse hyper use this attachment if you can.


Yesterday was my first time actually using a reverse hyper. It was done using this attachment and it felt great (in an awful, continued to blow up my lower back that was already suffering from being over pumped, kinda way).

I’ll do my best at explaining my form to you, and I’d appreciate any feedback if you hear anything that sounds incorrect as I had no idea if I was doing it correctly:

My feet were on the smaller diameter steel bar. When performing the “swing” the back of my ankles barely contacted the foam roller portion (pendulum was being swung back by my foot contact on the steel bar), same on the eccentric. On the swing back my coach (who wasn’t there while I was actually doing the movement) told me to lift my head to create an “arch” at the top, picture doing a “superman” on the floor. Then make sure my head was down when I was at the bottom of the swing, almost trying to have the weight come meet my face to fully decompress.

In theory, this form sounded correct, but just wondering if you had any other tips/tricks with your experience using one. Also, does this attachment on your machine pivot individually? Ours was fixed and just swung with the main pendulum.

Just starting conjugate training myself (just 2 workouts in), so I’ll likely be bumming around your log more often as it more closely relates to my current style of training! Thanks.


I call it the dolphin. That is one of the many many ways to do it.

It swings operate from the pendulum yes.

It’s a great attachment and very much difficult because you can’t cheat easily. Looking forward to your training updates


ME Upper

1 board shirted bench + 4 chains

Worked in with a guy on bench today, didn’t get my normal warmups in

135 + 4 chains
185 + chains


275 x 3
315 x 1
365 x 1
395 x 1
415 x 0.999 maybe? As you can see in the video it wouldn’t of passed in a meet even if I locked it out, bar dipped back down.

Close Grip swiss bar bench against doubled minis because i looked at the wrong days’s accessories, lol

105 x 8 against doubled minis

Neutral grip DB floor press
3 x 12

Rolling tricep extension 4 x 12 30s I really try to squeeze the lats on the way up and squeeze the tricep

150 overhead banded extensions monster mini

3 x 20 standing arnold press with 15s superset with 3x20 bent over rear delt flyes with 15s

3x15 hammer curl with the 15s, 2x20 reverse curl empty ez bar


DE Lower
Speed Squats
40% cambered bar box squats + 8 chains

DE Deadlifts
Loose briefs
385 12x1

Snatch grip deadlift with forward pulling mini band
135 x 10
225 x 10 ( these are terrible lol )

Walking Lunge with 25lb KB in goblet squat position
3x12 each leg

Reverse hyper with devil attachment 180 3 x 20

3 x cramp crunches with legs curling a band.
( https://www.t-nation.com/training/tip-turn-off-the-hip-flexors-to-build-abs )

Did these a bit different by having my feet hover in the air while curling the band. Ouchie.