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Multiply Lifting and My Inevitable Death



DE lower with ME deads

“Speed squats” 50% + 4 chains per side ( 8 total ) duffalo bar

Loose briefs 145 x 3
195 x 3
235 x 3
Real briefs
330 8x2
Rest period 30s-45s per set

2inch block pull deadlifts x2
Hook grip all the way to 500ish
The mixed grip ( working my hook grip up )
Worked up to 615 and failed on the 2nd rep before lock out.

Reverse hyper 3x 20 swinging but still contracting on the up hard, 180lbs

Ab wheel 3x 15


Love hook gripping

How are you finding hook grip? I reckon a lot of lifters could benefit from it. Especially those guys on a deadlift bar with the thinner shaft.

Like I mean who doesn’t want infinite grip strength.


What exactly do you mean by this? How is it supposed to sit off your back?


@chris_ottawa See how it sits up and slightly off Ryan’s back?


I like it. Slowly getting better at it. This is only like my 3rd week working on it.


So what’s the difference with those other bars one you put a pad on them? I must be missing something. I don’t have experience with a whole bunch of different SSBs and I have never used a SS yoke bar, but I have a transformer bar so I can set it a whole bunch of different ways.


Mostly the padding. There’s a huge different between 500lbs on a yoke bar with padding on your traps and 500lbs with straight metal on your traps.

That and with the bar sitting slightly off and up it puts a lot more strain on upper back like a very high bar squat. The bare metal will sit like a regular squat with a little forward push. Honestly the lack of padding is probably the biggest issue. Nothing like having your traps dug into causing your arms and brain to go numb.

Transformer bars are awesome, my friend got one for his garage gym.


OK, I see what you mean, I wouldn’t even think to use the bar without the pad because it would definitely feel terrible, especially the handles on your shoulders.

My only complaint with the transformer bar is the pad, they advertise it as “indestructible” but I somehow managed to destroy it. I complained and sent them pictures and they sent me a new pad, which is good, but I’m not sure how long it will last and I don’t want to have to ask them for a new one every 6-12 months. I guess I could look for some heavy duty pool noodles.


Haha. Yeah that would suck.


DE Upper, feeling sick so i cut out some movements and kept it simple.

Speed bench axel bar 5x5 50% + 2 chains per side
DB bench press 45s 3x15-20

Lat pull down work to heavy 6 then drop set
180 x6
90 x 17

Bent over rows, stretch at the bottom 3 x10 135

DB shrugs 3x20 2s hold at top 50s

Rear delts 2x30 band pull apart



Good idea… the SSB at the gym has no pad at all so anything would be better


If there’s no pad then don’t use it, you will fuck up your shoulders.


Too late lol


ME Lower

Heavy yoke bar ( old school SS Yoke bar, is 85lbs )

Working up in triples + 4 chains per side to 565 x2
Loose briefs
185 x 5
265 x 3
355 x 3
Ace briefs
405 x 3
455 x 3
Suit straps down
515 x 3

Been sick the past few days, felt like ass. Couldn’t breath or hold my air. Someone grabbed the weight partially through the 2nd rep. I punched him in the arm when I found out. He was just trying to save me, I understand… still it was a reaction lol.

Cambered bar good morning to box squat 3 x10
Bar + 25
Bar + 45
Bar +45,25 3x10

Single Leg RDL with 30lb KB 4 x 15

GHR 3x 15 reps

Weighted V situps 50 4 x 10


Yesterday’s recovery consisted of stretching, helping the strongmen squat ( specifically one of their sons ) and hot pockets.

Okay, no hotpockets, but I did eat a lot of turkey sausage.


ME Upper

2board bench triples, doubles and a single
bar x 10
95 x 10
135 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 3
3 board
275 x 3
Add shirt
315 x 3
2 board
365 x 3
405 x 3
425 x 3 20# pr
445 x 2 40 # pr
455 x 1 50# pr

Broke the rules and did 3 prs, oh well.

CG 2 board bench against double mini bands
135 x 10

Neutral grip barbell skull crushers ( it’s basically a short neutral curl bar )
bar + 50 2x 10
bar + 70 3 x 10

Tate press
25 x 5
30 3 x 15

Spud strap tricep pressdowns 100 reps

<30s rest between sets

5x20 cable lateral raises 15lbs
5x20 single arm banded rear delt flyes


Yesterday’s DE lower

Speed squats + average band ( 150ish at top ) 265 12 x 2
Dead lifts 9 x 1 435 hook grip
3x20 adductor machine slow and controlled for blood flow
3x15 single leg 45 degree hyper nice and tight ( these will blow you up if done right )
3x12 step ups BW
2x15 reverse hyper 4 plates
4x15 reverse hyper 6 plates
3 sets of weighted sit ups
3 sets of hollow hold rocks until failure


I’ve only heard of the 2 pr rule in a session by 1 other person. Looks like despite your defiance it worked out ok!


It’s a pretty good rule, now obviously if the first 2 PRs move like warmups and it’s an ME movement, by all means go up


DE Upper

Speed bench el gordo axel bar + double mini bands

10x3 40% so like 120

El gordo floor press + 4 chains work up to a top set of 10
160 x 10

DB shoulder press 3x 15-20
20 2 x 20
35 x 20
35 x 17
35 x15

Now for a gnarly lat pump, keep rest under 60s between sets

Meadows row elbows high 4 x 10
bar plus 25 x 15
bar plus 50 4 x 10

Revers grip mag lat pulldowns, sit on the lat pulldown backwards and arch backwards hard 4 x10
60 x 15
80 x 10
100 4 x 10

Tsunami bar lat pulldown 4 x15
just stuck with the 100 from the set before

Mechanical dropset face pulls 100 reps
Took 2 sets

Lats were torched

Then some ez bar reverse curl 2 x 20 superset with ez bar curls

Just used the bar for blood flow