Multiply Lifting and My Inevitable Death

Can’t hurt to hit more back/rear delts whatever the cause.

Is external rotation stuff included also? Since lats internally rotate this could be lacking

I’m also under the impression that if your joints aren’t stacked liked wrist under elbow then one can default to this position.maybe like overtucking?

Today’s recovery
1 hour massage
20 minutes sled dragging

ME Upper
2 board bench + 2 chains per side 405x2. Due to board wasn’t getting all the chains, probably only 20-30lbs instead of the full 80 I call this the nickle and dime workout where you waste energy on pointless reps ( maybe wasteful, good volume though )

95 2x10
135 x3
add chains
135 x3
185 x3
225 x3
Shirt and switch to 3 board
Back to 2 board

right arm was struggling to lock out, wasn’t worth a 3rd rep

CG bench + 2 chains per side ( getting full chain this time )
95 x 10
135 x10
155 3x10

Tate press laying against GHR
35 4x10

Decline EZ bar skull crushers
bar + 50 4x10

Overhead rope extensions x 100
20 yes I know I went past 100.

4x12 lateral raise machine 80lbs
superset with 4x20 rear delt flyes 20lbs

4x15 hammer curls 15lbs ( for the elbows )


Today’s recovery work 20 minutes of sled dragging
Pec rolling with the spiky ball x 2 minutes each pec
Hip flexor/quad stretch 2x2mins each leg
Tricep lacross ball rolling 1 minute per side because fuck that

Great work in here so far. Nice benching. That bench block looks easy to use and cool. Do you guys have any problems with it lifting those big weights? Like, is it “stable” or does it feel like it’s going to tip over, dumping the Barbell on your face?

What does sled dragging on recovery day look like?

I don’t like the bench blocks personally for gear. I prefer to have someone hold the board, but seeing as how it already takes 3-4 people on any given bench day boosting up to that 5th person can be a drain on everyone.

It’s mostly stable but if you notice, due to the angle of it in some videos only part of it is touching me. If you continue downward the block will rotate to flatten out against you. Which is okay, assuming it doesen’t screw your wrist positioning up, which sometimes it can.

The benchblocks are super handy though. Easy to go from 2-5 board with it. We also have a singular 1 boar bench block as well.

Mostly it does feel stable though, just got to play with how you’re going to use it.

As for sled dragging it really depends. If it’s post lower body mostly walking forward and rotating in backwards now and then. Sometimes I’ll do lateral, sometimes I’ll move it just by doing good mornings.

For the good morning variation, you just walk forward till the rope is taunt, drive your hips back, then when you push forward to come back up your hips move it ever so slightly. Just depends how bored I am.

For upper I’ll do rope presses, tricep extensions, bicep curls, rows, etc

Example: day after squats - use lower body for 90% of the time, then finish with some upper just to get the body slightly primed for the next day’s upper. Then flip flop for day after upper.


Nice to see another geared lifter here!! I’m training raw right now, but it won’t be much longer and I’ll be gearing back up. Trying to get ready for a meet now

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I do raw work as accessory in the off season, and on occasion will have an ME raw upper day. Used to do ME Raw lower, but i’m going this entire cycle without a raw ME squat :slight_smile:


I’m trying something a little different this go around. 12 week training cycle, 6 weeks raw work and then gearing up the last 6 weeks to peak out for the meet

Interesting, looking forward to it. Last two cycles I did 2 weeks of gear lower, 1 week raw, then 2 weeks raw bench 1 week gear.

Closer to meet I was all gear with no raw days. But I’m very far out right now.

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DE lower ( yesterday )

Speed squats 45% + 4 chains per side
Metal Ace Briefs
duffalo bar 295 + 4 chains per side 10x2
Such fast, much speed, oww.

Old Metal Briefs
DE Deadlifts 405 10x1 hook grip

Stiff leg sumo hard set of 10
135 x10
185 x10
225 x10
275 x10

Bulgarian Split squats
3x10 + 20lbs
super set
Hamstring curl 100lbs 3x12
drop set 60 x 7
dropset 45 x 15

Ab wheel 3x15

Today’s recovery
Clean the gym for 8 hours
Sled x 20 minutes
Tricep lacrosse ball rolling x 1 minute per side
Spiky ball pec rolling x2 minute per side

DE Upper

Axel bar speed bench 45% 5x5 + 2 chains per side
These are terrible and everything is fine.

Axel bar incline bench hard set of 8


DB incline bench 3x15-20
45lbs 18,18,16

Tsunami bar reverse grip pulldown 4x10
130 4x10 squeeze for 1 count

mini banded DB sweeping row
30x10 each side
40 3x10 each side
50 2x10 each side

These are pretty gnarly

Rope straight arm pulldowns
60 4x15

DB shrugs 2 ct hold
80 2x10

Banded mini face pulls 3x30

ME Lower

SS Yoke bar + 160 in chains
Old briefs ( so I thought )

150 x 5
240 x 3
290 x 3
330 x 3
Switch to Metal Ace briefs… realized as soon as I took them off I was already wearing them lol explains why the above sets were shit
380 x 3
420 x 3
470 x 3
490 x 3
510 x 3 all with 160 in chains

I was gassed after this

305 Spider bar squats did 4x4 instead of 4x6
GHR 4 x max reps

Reverse hyper 3x30

Hanging leg raises 3x 15


Hey man you seem to be pretty fluent with SSB Squats.

I’m thinking of having this in for myself soon to build up my back muscles and work on a tighter set up + build some more quads.

My gym only has these though:

And the pad has gone missing for the silver one.

The thick darker one feels challenging in a good way though. Worth using?

SSB is great. Those bars you have kind of suck without the pad. You can buy the pads from elitefts but not sure if it’ll fit.

Basically it’s pool noodles covered in leather. You could pool noodle and duct tape.

Those bars will provide some shoulder relief but you don’t quite get the full benefit of the SSB since it’s not sitting off your back a bit. You can try it out. However from personal experience with ours before we replaced the worn out pad that much pressure on your traps is painful.

Maybe try lighter good morning variations first.

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Tried it out today. Felt pre comfy actually. Maybe I can get something I can wrap around it and then tape up give it a bit more height off my trap. Like a towel but something more substantial.

Cool. Let me know how it goes. I love the SS yoke bar.

Just don’t push up on the handles or pull down when you’re squatting. You throw off the angle and make it harder or easier.

Keep the lats locks and elbows dug into lats as best you can


Today’s recovery was actually just some stretching and soft tissue work.

Along with an epsom salt bath.

I need to try and get someone to do RPR on me soon. I do RPR warmups on myself but it’s just not the same as having someone else perform it.

For those looking… try to find an RPR seminar near you, you won’t regret it.

ME upper

Axel bar floor press + 4 chains
bar x 10
bar + 2 chains x 5
bar + 4 chains x 3
110 x 3
140 x 3
170 x 3
190 x 3
210 x 3
225 x 3 + 4 chains ( 70+ at the top )

These felt slow and heavy but they all moved technically sound. Hard as hell to hold onto the bar. Didn’t use wrist wraps, so overall a decent deload day while still going heavy.

Wanted to save my hips today since I have to DE squat and ME pull tomorrow. Never done this particular movement for ME so we’ll see how it improves over time.

CG axel bench 3 x8
Worked up to 195 3 x 8 Probably could of pushed it a bit heavier but I was keeping rest short and it felt like a good weight.

Rolling tricep extension 4x10
20 x 10
30 2 x 10
35 4 x 10

Single arm cross body tricep extension 4 x 12
40 x 15
60 4 x 12

Banded Monster mini tricep pressdowns x 100
1x 32

Again it’s over 100 but goal was to do AMRAP each set staying under 5 sets.

4x12 DB front raise

Super set with rear delt pec deck flyes
set to 60 I think

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