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Multiply Lifting and My Inevitable Death



I’m pumped to get my shirt (shipped a few days ago, so should be here any day). My coach was actually more excited than I was haha. First thing he said “We are going to need more plates!”. So I went and scooped up 6x 45lb plates on the weekend to add to the gym.

I made an offer on a squat suit as well, but guy isn’t budging on his price (which is fair). It is a good deal at $250 (Squat Jack Suit) but not sure I’m ready to commit. Probably play with the shirt for awhile before I decide if I want to try a geared comp.

Do you have some estimated attempts picked out for this upcoming competition? What are your current meet PRs?


ast meet best attempts 656, 391, 606

Opening around 670, 395, 600


That’s awesome. Looking forward to it!


Me too, lol


ME Upper Deload

1 board work up to a hard 5
bar x 10
95 x 10
135 x 5
185 x 5
205 x 5
225 x 5
245 x 5
260 x 5

Pretty solid day, could of pushed a bit further but then that’d be over my max :stuck_out_tongue:
Finally getting stronger RAW bench without RAW benching…

Chain EZ bar skull crushers, heavy EZ bar + 120 in chains
3x8 these felt amazing after, awesome pump

Tate presss 3 x10 35lbs

Tricep pressdowns 40lbs for the entire length of Korn’s Evolution ( somewhere around 200 + reps)

4x25 rear delt flyes


Is your raw bench grip width more narrow than your shirted bench?

I find my comfortable raw width to be a finger or so inside the rings, but I tend to go wider when I am using a Slingshot so I can really stretch it and get more out of it. Plus, it is easier on the shoulders.


Only by 1 finger.

I’ve benched over the years with thumb length off the smooth ( Ed Coan showed me that and told me to do that ), I’ve tried my shirted grip raw in the past.

Currently RAW is pinky on the rings, shirt is middle finger on the ring.

Might play around with a more slightly narrow grip for raw eventually.


This is exactly how I space my grip for raw (which ends up ~ a finger width inside the rings), happy to hear I’m in good company! Then my Slingshot is ring finger on the rings.

Thanks for the info.


your last couple of sessions are solid, keep it going corst




forgot to ask how many days a week you train?


Just 4.

The other 3 days I try to do some type of recovery. Currently failing in that regard.


DE Lower

DE SSB squats 10x2 45% + 8 chains, felt really good

ME Pulls
Worked up to opener, then reverse band 3rd

Suit straps down
Straps up
535 around last warmup
575 openerish
635 reverse with bar floating right below knee

Suspended SSB good morning hard set of 8 240, thought about doing 290 but was getting some solid back work in so didn’t feel it was worth the risk at this point

3x Max GHR

Stir the pots ( fuck do I suck at these )
Ab wheel

Talked to Marshall Johnson about my deadlift, I have a plan.


DE Upper

Speed bench 45% +4 chains

1 board bench up to hard 5. Did 235 this week, wasn’t quite feeling as strong today.

DB should press
3x8 worked up to 65

Machine row 3x10 70lbs per side 2s hold at top

DB rows 80,90,100,110x10

Tsunami Lat pull downs 3 x 10 120lbs


ME Lower

Suit straps down
Straps up 560x1
wrap 610x1
openerish 660 x 1
near 2nd 690x1
Reverse band PR

Leg press 600 x 10

Reverse hyper 50lbs 3x20 only doing the top portion squeezing my glutes the whole time

Abs 4x something standing cable curls


Forgot to check weight this morning.

Over the weekend my weight was down, yesterday I was bloated up to about 216, been hovering around 213/214 but was down to 211/212 Sat/Sunday.

Trying to just maintain my weight without much variation for this meet in 5 weeks.

Keeps my life simpler ( in gear ) when I’m not having radical weight shifts.


How does that feel on your back?

I had what we think was around 700lbs+ on my back after bands and chains (on an SSB), and holy crap it was tough to get in air for a brace at the top.

That weight moved fast for a PR!


Well it was reverse band :stuck_out_tongue:

It felt pretty good, I will say nothing is worse than yoke bar + fuckton of chains, 500 + 200 in chains feels much worse than 700lbs and that’s luckily a good thing. Means 700 is cake.

It’s tough to get air for a brace before you unrack anyhow, especially at the top. If you notice I’ll bring air in through my nose, unrack, then pull what little left i can through my mouth.

I will say I was so hopped up on nose tork breathing was a bit difficult but overall it worked out in my favor. Would of loved to do 800+ but I’ll save that for next cycle.


I thought I’d ask here because you know your way around cheaty quarter rep box squats.

I tweaked my back recently and when it’s the right time in the recovery process I wanna be doing plenty of good work to still train my lower body / sumo muscles.

Heavy hip hinge was what injured me so it’ll probably be the last thing to come back in so in the mean time I’m brainstorming what to do. What are you thoughts on wide stance box squats like in this vid at around the 2:30 mark?


If you build the squat you build the deadlift, so I personally feel wide stance box squats are a great tool.

What exactly is tweaked or injured right now? Did you go over it in your log?