Multiply Lifting and My Inevitable Death

Coming off my last meet in November
606 ( editted, reminded me I did get the 606 )

Went 5 for 9. Was hoping to squat around 700 however I took the post weigh-in bloat too far. A mistake I knew not to do but I did it anyhow. Weighed in at 198.3, then went to bed at 220. Woke back up around 216.

When you’re around 10-15lbs over your training weight your gear doesn’t fit right, the grooves all over the place and blood pressure is about over 9000. Bench was okay, but couldn’t get my feet right and then on deadlifts more bloat issues and just generally feeling run down by then.

I took a week off after the meet, then did John Meadows 28 days later program ( pretty awesome ) and polished off around 218. Had been eating everything under the sun during this training.

Now i’m down to about 213 most mornings.

I’m about 21 weeks out from my next meet.


Hypertrophy Offseason Conjugate

ME Spider bar squats gainst double monster mini bands + 120 in chains.
Worked up in triples to 495 x2 in briefs, decided to not do the 3rd rep as 2 was super sketchy.

3x10 Spider bar ( raw ) 265
GHR 3x10 + some random med ball that was sitting near it ( 12lbs? ) after last set hit laying hamstring curl for 2x failure
3x15 single leg reverse hyper ( 100lbs )
3x15 situps versus band, hold 1ct at top


ME Shirted 1board + 2 chains

Working up in triples to 355
95 2x10
Add Shirt air board until touching the 1 board

These were all over the place, they moved really fast off the chest but I was rushing the start of each rep.

2 board close grip raw
255 4x6
Lean against GHR pad and do Tate Presses 4x10 40s
Vbar banded pressdowns 3x15 double monster mini
CG pushups against shoulder saver 2x failure
Lateral raises 2x25 12.5s
Rear delt rasies 2x30 12.5s


DE lower

Duffalo bar box squats 12x2 in briefs 265 + 120 chains
Sumo deadlifts in briefs + 6 chains 455x3
135x5 hook grip
185x5 hook
225x3 hook
275x3 hook
315x3 hook
365x3 over under
405x3 over under

I was using my squat briefs for these which i’ve decided against moving forward. The legs are too long and when pulling sumo they have a tendency to cut off my hamstrings and get in the way of my hands.

I’m trying to learn hook grip as well.

SSB Good morning worked up to a hard set of 8.


Single leg press feet low 3x10 2 plates each side
Cable pull throughs 4x20
Ab fall outs against rings 3x15

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Dynamic Upper raw
Speed bench 5x5 + 80 in chains used 105lbs, I have to drop my bench % for speed work into the 32.5-42.5% range otherwise I’m too slow defeating the purpose of speed work.

CG ioncline axel press to a hard set of 10, stopping around 2 board height off chest
axel ( 70 ) 2 x10
110 x 10
130 x 10
150 x 10
160 x 10

Incline DB press worked up to 50x10
Dropped down to 40 and did 3x15

Now for the fun part, I’m trying to add a lot of glute and lat size so I’m adding in some Back days from some John Meadows programs

Meadows row w landmine 3x8 with 50lbs
50 3x8

One arm barbell row 3x8 w landmine attachment
50lbs again just jumped right in after last set of meadows rows

DB Pull overs with band resistance.
30lb DB + monster mini band stretched out about 3 feet.

Lat pulldowns with mag grip attachment 3x12, at the stretch of eat rep have a partner push down on the stack ( kick me in the dick )

Decline bench position 100rep band pullaparts with mini band.

I thought you were SHW from your profile pic lol

I’m a little interested but I know nothing about single ply never mind multiply gear.

What’s your training history like? Ever competed raw? Numbers?

Yep I’ve done raw. 500/280/580

Been doing geared for a year. Proper fitting gear for about 6 months

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You train at Jo Jordan’s gym, don’t you?

So multiply gear doesn’t do much for deadlift then?

Correct. Deadlifts and gear are a mixed bag. It can make it harder to get to the bar which wears you out quicker.

My best geared pull is 630. Also at like 18lb less than I weight now.

Gear is fun to learn. There’s a lot of variables.

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No sir. He did borrow my suit for the WPO though :slight_smile:

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That’s pretty cool

ME Lower

Spider bar plus 120 in chains and doubled monster minis. Worked up to 545x3
Briefs plus suit straps down

Spider bar squats raw 3x8
175 x8
225 x8
285 3x8

Red band GHR 3x10
After last set laying leg curl 1 x max reps (22 ) 100lbs, drop set 50lbs for max reps ( 13 )

DB stiff leg deadlifts 3x20
25 per handx20
50 per hand 3x20

Spread eagle v-ups 3x max reps

Maybe a long time in the future I could dabble but for now I think I’ve got plenty of raw gains to make.

Pretty much chasing your raw numbers and beyond in time. Gonna do my first meet sometime next year hopefully my poverty bench ups a bit by then lol

Lol good luck. I personally wish I would of switched a few years ago. You can still make raw gains in gear, but it’ll take adjustment going back to raw from gear before they show usually.

Get a loose pair of briefs to mess around with squats and pulls. It’ll save your hips in the long run plus provide some fun change now and then.

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Hmm if anything my shoulder is the only joint that really gets beat up that’s from bench.

Metal M style single ply. Boom. Shoulder saved.

Also why does your shoulder get jacked up? Find that reason and fix it.

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Technique no doubt especially shoulder position and maintaining that. Technique inconsistency rep to rep also. Bench isn’t my best lift but I’ll keep on working on it.

Happy 2019 and Let the Gains Begin!!!

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I looked through a few videos in your log. Looks like you are flaring ( elbows going back towards face ) as soon as you press.

This tells me you have weak lats/rear delts. Focus on back work. Grow those lats and hammer your technique in place. Probably can pick up a few more things if I keep watching. Try to keep your elbows where they are through the entire press.

Flaring isn’t bad, but when you’re doing it instantly it’s shows a lot of lats and upper back weakness to me. That or sloppy technique.