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Multiple Workouts: PL/Oly Split?

I know there has been some past articles about lifting twice a day, but does anyone have any thoughts on a Power Lifting - Olympic Lifting Split.

Clean and Jerk
Jerks from the Rack

    Front Squats
    Bench Press 

Something simple and intense? Would this be too much of a tax on the nervous system? Is this Possible with the proper recovery (nutrition, hot tubs, massage)?

If this is a straight road to over training, is it possible to do a split of Heavy lifting and Strong man activities 4 days a week?

What’s everyone’s thoughts and opinions?

I can only answer for the Olympic lifting split question.

You would usually want to train explosive qualities of the CNS in the AM, and accessory strength qualities of the muscle later in the day.

So for the AM workout, usually two explosive lifts are trained:
Snatch-Snatch pulls
Clean- Clean pulls
Jerk- Push press
Jump Variations- Speed Squats

The PM workout would revolve around strengthening the muscles involved in the lifts. So following the same order as above:
Snatch-grip DL- Shrugs
Row Variation- Single-arm Row
Push Variation- Single-arm Push
Squat/DL Variation- Single-leg movement

Workouts usually last around 30 minutes each, in the AM they tend to last longer than the in the PM(more time in between sets during explosive lifts).