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Multiple Sessions a Day


Hey T-Nation!


Any of you guys try this approach? I just got home from my job on board a tanker - ship - and i will be home now for a month with no responsibilities or work.

My weeks will look like this.

Monday - Press day
Tuesday- Off maybe some walking
Wednesday - Deadlift day
Thursday - Off
Friday - Bench day
Saturday - Squat day
Sunday - Off

Sunday -

I will be starting this week off Today though with a squat day. I will be using the front squat and back squat today and some ab work.

Worked up to a comfortable triple with the FSQ continued using the back squat up to a comfortable triple then i added 5KG to my top set and done 5 quick singles - just seemed that simple approach somewhere on the indigo project. Excellent workout.

Since this is my first squat workout in a longtime i don't think i'll be doing a micro session today but i will be with the upper lifts and most likely deadlifts.


Overhead press work today, will be training in 30min.


No replies?

I've been liking this style a lot so far but i had a question i hope someone would chime in.

Wedesday i done deadlifts and 2 hours later i done rack pulls - Should i reverse this order i wonder? I worked up to a heavy single with the deadlift and worked up to a good set of 5 with the rack pull.

Today i done a few heavy doubles with the bench press and a few hours later i done pin presses - around half the range of motion - for a heavy set of 5 again.



If you are going to train twice a day I'd put more time between your sessions (i.e. 6-8 hours if possible).


I plan on working up to 4-5 small sessions a day, 20-30min a session. I done 3 yesterday.

1st session - Bench press, worked up to a few heavy doubles
2nd session - Pin presses, worked to a heavy set of 5
3rd session - Narrow BP, worked up to a heavy set of five and some rear delt raises


are you trying to train like the old bulgarian olympic lifters?

keep in mind that they were elite, gifted athletes that also had no other commitments and used many recovery methods to maintain that level of frequency.


Its inspired by those guys but i only plan on training 4 days a week. I've used 2 daily sessions a nice bit before, it worked for me. The overall weekly volume is not much higher if i just trained for a hour 4x per week.


im not sure how experienced you are, but like the above poster stated, elite athletes profit more with multiple training sessions a day more than the average joe.

can i ask why you dont prefer to do all of this in one session?


if your goal is powerlifting i would not recommend it.

i used to do 6-10 workouts a week years ago. but that was when i was an endurance based athlete. my work capacity was very high. now that i train for strength i am doing a 3day split with an event day and i surpassed my past strength levels in a matter of months even after a near 4yr lay off of any exercise. now my work capacity is not near as high but we can think specificity of training for that.

remember, you grow bigger and get stronger after you leave the gym. i think of things like this when contemplating whether 1 of 2 theories are correct, the supercompensation theory or the fit/fatigue theory. i am a believer of fit/fatigue but even that one states that you need to recover from a workout. and multiple sessions a day even if only a few times a week may not allow for that to happen properly before you do the next workout.

now if the second one and/or third workout of a short time period is meant for increasing work capacity then i say go for it. if you think it will make you stronger in a 1rm then i say no, dont do it with powerlifting. and this leads me into another point. the olympic lifts that the bulgarians used in their training have no eccentric portion of the lift. saving them from a certain level of muscle damage/strain from training.


I have nothing to do all day so i want to keep myself occupied. I also love the single minded focus you get from doing one lift a session.

Anyhow, i really don't want this to turn into a programming lecture. I've used multiple sessions many times. Its my favourite way to train.

Has for super compensation you must realize my training will be cut in half when i go back to work in 3 more weeks. That's another reason i'm following this approach.


well then good luck. be careful with overtraining. idc what anyone says, if you're not getting the proper rest its inevitable.

my first year lifting i probably put thirty pounds on my total tops because (like most inexperienced gym goers) i was an idiot and thought that the more i trained the stronger id be