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Multiple session Training??

MMA question… I’m a lightweight in MMA fighting(155) and have a dead of 425
and squat of 325. I definitely want to get these bigger, so I’m startin’ up the
westside protocol soon here. Thing is, I do MMA in evenings monday, tuesday,
thursday, friday, saturday, as well as box saturday. Would it work to do the
WestSide Max Effort Squat day monday morn, and the dynamic day friday morn? I
also do a bit of GPP and/or mid weight Oly lifts tuesday and thursday morn. This
would be a total of about 11 workouts in the week. Wednesday and sunday are
usually off. I’ve been doin 9-10 training sessions with good results, just want
to get extra strong and powerful now in my div. Thanks in advance… Chad