Multiple reps for slower twitch

I have a hard time keeping my mass if i don’t at least on a weekly basis use the 8-12 rep range at least in one workout. This is hard when trying to train for strength. I guess Poliquin was right when he said that normal fiber people can work in the 8-12 range when training for strength. Then i read in a Russian Olympic lifting manual that it is people who weigh over 200 pounds that require multi-reps to retain their mass? hich is it am i normal fiber because i have to do multi-reps or do all big men require 8-12 reps a set episodally to retain mass?

You’re probably a normal fiber type. One way you can train for strength and size is to utilize back off sets. Say you do 5 sets of 5 reps on the bench press. After you’re done with that strip some weight off and do one final ball-busting set for 10-12 reps. You’ll recruit more muscle then you normally would because your neural system will be aroused from the previous heavy sets. So that one set will actually do quite a bit of damage. Try it and see how it works