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Multiple Questions

  1. My morning shake consists of 1/2 cup FF Cotage Cheese, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 banana, 2 scoops LC GROW! and water. Is this an ok meal according to Berardi’s PC eating and enough carbs to refill glycogen stores?

2)I am going on vacation in two weeks to a beach. I have been lifting and eating a lot this summer to get ready for football, but wanted to look somewhat ok at the beach. Any suggestions in terms of lifting/diet for the next two weeks?

Thanks all.

  1. Possibly

  2. T-Dawg2

It’s hard to give you better answers without more information…

  1. If you’ve been going =<100g of carbs a day for awhile, then that won’t COMPLETELY refill glycogen stores. But, if you have 3 or 4 meals like that every day then your glycogen stores probably aren’t that low.

2, and kinda 1) You basically need to eat clean, lower your carb intake(especially later in the day), and increase your energy expenditure.

To elaborate on each of these points:
2a) Eating Clean - Refer to the recent “Cool Tip” from John Berardi: 7 secrets of a good nutritional program, or something. He doesn’t mention oats in there though, and they are of course ok.

2b) Lower carb intake - Read, or reread, Lonnie Lowery’s 4 part series on reducing total caloric intake, he has some great suggestions. But basically, only eat carbs 1)first thing in the morning and 2)right after working out.

2c) Increase Energy Expenditure - Lonnie 4 part series has good suggestions here too. Or start doing some morning cardio or cardio after workouts, go to the track and do some sprints (I personally would swear by doing sprints and trackwork to lean out), or start doing more volume in your workouts(Although some people advise to maintain a heavy lifting routine to preserve muscle mass during fat loss cycles, different things work for different people).

Good luck.

I realize that the post was hastily thrown together and I didn’t give anywhere near enough information. I am currently doing Renegade Training, so running is a large part of it. I knew the rules about reducing carbs and all that, i was just wondering if there were any tricks that BB use to either lose weight or look cut in a short amount of time, as I know they have to get for competitions.