Multiple (Minor) TFCC Tears

MRI results show that I have multiple ‘tiny’ TFCC tears, ligament damage and a ganglion cyst. DR says they’ve developed over a number of years and that the area is pretty beat up (think there’s calcified scarring). But as opposed to one, large acute tear, he says not much can be done in the way of surgery, as the whole area is damaged.

Anyone have any experience with this kind of TFCC injury? All my searches seem to bring up discussions about either acute tears or small single tears.

Also, has anyone had success with alternative therapies such as PRP injections, autologous injections or even stem cell therapy. I’m unimpressed with his suggestion that nothing can be done and just to change lifestyle permanently. Been out 10 weeks already. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

I have an acute tear, for now Ive decided against surgery, and I had the cyst removal a couple years ago. I’m curious to see some results from either prolotherapy or stem with tfcc, ive been considering these.