Multiple FSL Question


I’ve been doing BBB template 2 out of the beyond book as I like to hit each muscle twice a week.

I want to try the multiple FSL. But can I do the bench FSL sets on OHP day to still hit each muscle twice a week? Or does FSL have to be done on the same day as the exercise?

Also… for BBB I vary the exercise chosen for the lift, i.e I do incline bench for BBB rather than flat bench, dumbbell Press rather than barbell OHP for the 5x10. Could I still vary the exercise or would I need to keep to the main lifts?


Just read in another thread that if you’re doing BBB template 2, you can do multiple FSL in the same session… is that right? So for example…

5/3/1 bench
Multiple FSL bench
5x10 dumbbell OHP
5x10 Lat work

If the above is ok, I know you don’t do joker sets every session… how would they fit in? On a day you feel great and do joker sets, would you then skip the FSL?

I don’t think Jim recommends doing a different lift for supplemental work anymore. As for hitting each muscle more than once you can easily do it with assistance work. I do some sort of pushing, pulling and legs in all four of my workouts each week.

FSL and BBB are both supplemental, you don’t do them both together. If I was you I’d do the main lift then FSL of that lift and then some pushing, pulling and leg or core work for assistance each workout. Check out some more of the 5/3/1 threads and it’ll become clearer.

Better not let jim see this lol

FSL and BBB are both supplementary lifts. There is no program* that uses 2 upper or 2 lower body supplemental lifts in the same workout. As far as using the opposite lift for BBB, Jim’s more recent views have been against doing this (a departure from Beyond). He has never programmed FSL with the opposite lift.

*I specify 2 upper or 2 lower, since some 2-day-a-week options technically have 2 major lifts that would use 2 supplemental lifts per workout, i.e. Squat pro 5’s FSL 5x5, Bench Pro 5’s FSL 5x5…

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I was under the impression that a second lift (e.g. Trap bar deadlift) with correct TM can be used for supplemental work. E.g. Squat 5s pro, 5x5 fsl box squat or press 5/3/1+, incline press 5x10.

You can do that.
Maybe some of the others thought you would do Bench 531, Bench 5x5 FSL and then Incl. bench 5x5 FSL. That is a no go.
Your example with bench 531, FSL 5x5, DB Press and lat work is fine, you could even throw in some single leg/core work.
IF you can RECOVER and make PROGRES in the long run, then about everything i OK. If you don’t then evaluate and change after a couple of cycles, otherwise keep going. If you want to make a change and do another lift say you would do CGBP, then the incline must go. Always keep the balance. That goes for the assistance as well.

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Thanks for everyone’s replies. So if I start doing FSL, and BBB shouldn’t be done in the same session, what accessory work should be done?

I have the beyond book so if the answer is in there can someone please let me know the page number and I’ll read up :+1:t2: Or if there are other threads on here please link them. I’ve struggled to find direct answers.

I like hitting each muscle twice a week, so doing BBB template 2 did this for me, so I’d like FSL accessory work to help with this.

Thanks again

Jim recommends
Main 5’s pro or 531 PR set
Supplemental 5x5 FSL

Assistance each day somewhere between 25 - 100 reps of each categori: push - pull - single leg/Core.

Push: dips, push ups, DB press, bench, incline press, triceps pushdown.
Pull: Pull up, chin up, DB row, pull down, Band pull apart, face pull
Single leg / core split squat, step up, lunge OR some core work like sit ups, hanging leg raise, planche ab wheel.

So you could actually hit every muscle several times every week.
Remember Assistance is assistance, and not to be treated like main or supplemental.

Hope that makes sense.

Just keep it sane. Do a couple of cycles, evaluate. Do I like it, keep on. Want to do something else/new for assistance, put it in, but remember to take something out.
Always do some mobility, jumps/throws and cardio.