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Multiple Exercises Per Muscle(Group)...



This is basically my first real post - so Hi everyone! I've started lifting weights about 3 months ago - so I guess I am still a beginner.

I always hear/read "do multiple exercises per muscle(group)" - okay: but how the hell do you do that? I always give EVERYTHING - after the first set I fell dizzy, after the second I almost black out and after the third set I am about to throw up (deadlifts as an example) - so there is NO WAY for me doing another exercise that uses the same/similar muscle (groups).

So how do you manage to do multiple exercises per muscle(group) with the same intensity as the first exercise?



1)Do you you have low or high blood pressure?

2)Any medical conditions that may cause you to become dizzy doing strenuous work?

For everyone else who is going to ask;


I have a high(er) blood pressure (no big deal)

Age: 23
Height: 6.17 ft ??? (188 cm)
Weight: 205 (93 kg)
Sex: Male

I have no problem training other muscle(groups) but I just can't do two or even more exercises for the same muscle(group)



Some more questions.

3)What does you diet consist of? Give a rough outline for a day or two
4)What's your workout look like right now? How long are you working out for?
5)Have you felt this in the past? Such as high school weight training
6)Body fat %?

Answering these really helps us understand you better to compile appropriate answer.