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Multiple Bathroom Trips

With my new changed diet and supplement regime I tend to be peeing all the time. Especially at night.

I do drink a gallon of water threw out the entire day, but stop drinking that about 3-4 hours before I go to bed.

I actually go to the bathroom more at night than during the day when I’m actually drinking the water.

The most has been 5 times in one night. What gives? I have a little water with some supplements right before I go to bed, but its only a couple of sips.

what is the deal?

Your now drinking and properly hydrated then lay down muscles etc relax and well natural calls.

Likly in time you will adjust.


much appreciated

No prob. One other thing not saying it is and likely not sense it seems diet induced but it could be prostate if your going frequent or have the urge to but then hardly anything happens. i had that BAD for a bit sucks. Feel like you have to piss like a flood and get a few dribbels and takes forever.

if this is the case go to the doc.


I drink usually no less than 2 gallons daily so it has actually become a chore to pee so much. When I’m over friends houses I always get questions about why I’m going to the bathroom every half hour and if I have bad explosive diaheria.

LOL e-man!

Its so true though…

I was the same way… I dont know if it was timing or what but I stopped taking NOX3 and changed of to NOexplode and I mam not pissing all night!!!

I swear it was that…


Going to the bathroom a lot at night is a warning sign of the onset of diabetes, but if you’re drinking a couple gallons of water per day I wouldn’t necessarily worry about that right away.