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What are the symptoms to look for in a multifidus condition? I injured my back a couple of days ago. Right now, it feels good as new, after taking nearly 12 days off from the gym, and with all the painkillers and rest I was giving my back. Still, I have to be careful when bringing up either one of my legs and curling it; i.e while putting on socks. How soon can I start deadlifting and squat? What are the exercises that I should avoid specifically and for how long?


Pertaining to weightlifting, the Multifidus counteracts forces in the sagittal plane whereas the iliocostalis lumborum counteracts forces in the frontal plane. Multifisus also is used as a synergist of the TrA during cocontraction to increase spinal segmental stabilization.

Multifidus 'condition' or dysfunction
results in less activity of Multifidus muscle at unstable levels during concentric back activity and decreased muscular protection at the hypermobile segment. In English, you would have (usually) bad to chronic back pain and hitting the weights would be difficult.
But lower back pain isn't necessarily or often multifidus probs.

If you have multifidus probs, low impact exercises are part of the rehab but not really pumping heavy weights. Its not my specialty so best ask a Chiro or someone though.


Thanks for the input. Its probably nothing, just have to take it easy for a while. I was supposed to go on a bulk-up cycle this month. RATS!!


If you are having to take painkillers, I would say it is a big deal. I would recommend you see someone about your back. If you are unstable at any level, it will continue to be a problem. However, there are multiple issues that could be involved in your pain with or without instability. You need a professional to pinpoint the problem(s) so you can return to lifting without causing further damage. (As I have stated in other posts, a manual physical therapist is probably your best option.)